About Us

Appdodo aim to provide a better user experience to Android users with their device. It's an open platform whice store freeware applications & review their specific information. We mostly provide APK (Android Package Kit) in our store. To make it easy to use our website we do not require SignUp/SignIn. There is no risk on downloading any files from Appdodo store, we do scan all the files before it get live on the store.

What does make Appdodo a better Apps Store?

About data:

  • We believe to get you the best information about the application on which your are interested in. So we review important apps to deliver you the most quality information we can.
  • We think rating of an app matters to the users so we include our personalized ratings system & collect rating data from our loveable users.
  • To make sure that the files are virus free we use virus protection to our server which scan every data before it get delivered to our users.

About Web Experiance:

  • Appdodo is secured by https 128bit encryption which make sure that your information is secure with us.
  • Speeking about UX/UI, Appdodo website is fully responsive which make it easy to surf on any device even on smaller devices. We do not compromise on site speed, we always keep it fast by using fastest servers & compressed data, so you get a smooth surfing experiance with us.

Office Address:

2nd Floor, Newtown Club, Tufanganj, Cooch Behar, West Bengal 736160.