B612 app apk download


13.0.11 for Android

by: SNOW Corporation

Get A Hands On Experience Of B612- The Coolest Selfie-Genic App

  • Size 144.3MB
  • Version 13.0.11
  • Package com.linecorp.b612.android
  • Developer SNOW Corporation
  • Requirment Android 8.0+
  • Category Photography
  • Added 2024-03-18

B612 app description

B612 is a popular camera application, manufactured especially for selfies. The android version of this cool app is fun and quite easy to use with various filters and other formatting options. Other than android, it has its iOS version also. This exclusive camera app is product of Line, the message service of Japan.

Features Of B612:

B612 app has some awesome features for today's trendy selfie lovers. Following are these cool trends.

How to click and save snaps:

As a selfie camera B612 uses the front camera of your smartphone. And then you can click selfies by tapping at any place on the screen with just one fingertip. B612 app is started by allowing the front camera as soon as it's launched. It makes an easy method and unnecessary confusions are eliminated in this way. After taking a snap, don't forget to save it manually by pressing ’save’ button which is placed at extreme right side of the bottom. Photos aren't saved automatically in this app. Therefore, you can take multiple snaps and save only the perfect one. Besides, the shuttle doesn't generate a noise while closing. Hence, relax and take selfies without worrying about your surroundings.

Innumerable filters, just for you

People love to be creative when it comes to photos. Selfies are cool and if they are edited with some crazy filters, it will give a robustness to the snap. Total 43 filters are provided by B612, from a soothing gentleness to adding sharp/HD effects. Select according to your mood and this chosen filter is optimised for clicking selfies. If you need to change filter, press the ‘random’ option to shift or simply swipe across the mobile screen. It will give you a preview before taking the picture. So that you can imagine and actually see what would be the outcome. B612 app also focuses the 'vignette’ option to increase the border of the picture. It's automatically adjusted to the chosen filter.

Make a collage

People want to assemble multiple pictures in one frame and there comes the collage. It's easy to make a collage with B612 app. All you need to do is to tap on the icon at extreme bottom left before taking the snap. Now you can choose various filters and ultimately get the best one.

Stickers adding extra fun

Other than beauty effects and several filters, B612 offers stickers to give a changed dimensions to your voice and the whole process. So appear clearly when you're clicking snaps with your buddies in landscape mode. Moreover, you can add sounds while shooting a short video. So next time add a sound of funny robot or a creepy ghost while shooting a video.

Soft focus without prior setup

This excellent camera app identifies people automatically. It defocuses the background to emphasise faces and object bodies. It's undoubtedly the best for selfie- obsessed generation.

Small video shooting

Not just still selfies, with the help of B612, you can create tiny selfie video too. For that, you just need to press and hold the mobile screen and the app will shift to video more instantly.

Social media sharing

Today's trendy generation is always online. Their presence is always felt on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. B612 has option to share your selfies directly to these medias. The sharing button is present there,just tap there, choose your network and here you go!

Lastly, B612 app is available at Appdodo. Go and download to enjoy fun selfies with friends. It features collage of 2:2, 1:1,8:8 etc, for making 3D pictures and suitable for blogs and social medias. With amazing filters like scarf, no longer, tiger, moment and many more, new type of snaps can be taken. Developers have updated latest stickers and video voice overs for adding more fun. Simple UI for supporting several gestures, and making it smooth. You need to read description of the app to get to know about these features.

For selfie maniacs, this app is must-to-have one in smartphone. Social buggers and bees love B612 app for being diverse and presence of awesome filters. It has been named as one of most popular selfie-genic app for today's generation. What are you waiting for? Take a whirl and download B612 android app for taking cool selfies.