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7.7.075 for Android


Apply beautiful effects to your photos

  • Size 271.2MB
  • Version 7.7.075
  • Package com.commsource.beautyplus
  • Requirment Android 7.0+
  • Category Photography
  • Added 2024-03-28

BeautyPlus app description

BeautyPlus contributes to being a photo editing application for android devices which helps in making small edits on portrait photos and let you have an amazing look. It is possible to make the most subtle nods with the aid of this application. It is possible to smooth out the complexion, make eyes even bigger with the aid of this application. This app is crucial in making your face counter narrower, brightening the face. To be precise, this application is beneficial in making the person in the photo appear more attractive. These amazing things can be accomplished with the aid of small imperceptible touches which can be applied with the tap of a finger.

Apart from these, BeautyPlus is also helpful in making more radical changes to the photos, addition of hearts and other stickers, filter effects such as brilliance which will make your photos look stand out.

Features of Beauty Plus

Here are the key attributes of this application:

It is possible to add radiant complexion by contouring and highlighting your features in a perfect way.

The tone is one of the alluring features of beauty Plus that aids in retouching the skin tone by using a smoothing tool.

Acne have a negative effect as they make your face look ugly. Removal of acne can add to your look. Beauty Plus comes with a feature known as acne. This feature makes use of blemish remover for making conditions of skin or pimples disappear in no time.

Slimming is also helpful in making your photos look alluring. It is possible to reshape different parts of the body and face with the aid of this striking feature of this application. This feature is also helpful in conferring an ideal look and making your photos look out of the ordinary.

Natural Contour is one of the worth mentioning features of this application. This feature plays an indispensable role in highlighting features with the use of advanced facial recognition technology. You can make use of this feature in order to add a touch up to your photos.

Eyes play a crucial role in making you look out of the ordinary and beautifying your photographs. It is possible to resize the eyes with the aid of this application. Eyes can be resized for appearing bigger and nose can be made look smaller with the assistance of this application.

Brighten is another striking attribute of this application which helps in brightening the eyes in order to confer a lively and beautiful selfie.

Dark circle
The dark circle can definitely make your photos less alluring. Dark circle is one of the extensive features of this application which helps in erasing dark circles and bags under your eyes.

You can whiten teeth and brighten smile with the aid of this feature. A swipe of a finger is a prerequisite in making your photos appear more beautiful.

It is possible to elongate any part of the photo for a higher fashion look with the aid of this feature.

Why you should use BeautyPlus?

Beauty plus helps in adding good brightness, lightning and alter specific features of the body so that you can look more appealing. The application thus is beneficial for the last touch up or photo editing. You can make your selfies look more attractive with the aid of this application.

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