Candy Camera - photo editor app apk download

Candy Camera - photo editor

6.0.90-play for Android

by: Studio SJ

If You Want The Best Photographs- Opt For The Candy Camera App!

  • Size 273.1MB
  • Version 6.0.90-play
  • Package
  • Developer Studio SJ
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Photography
  • Added 2023-11-25

Candy Camera - photo editor app description

There is no mystery in the very fact that how much fond of photographs, the humans are! Of course there are many different types of applications in today’s world that helps them get through the best. But nothing beats the quality of Candy Camera though. This is one compact camera app and people of course do not need any other application to assist it of course. There are many advantages of using Candy Camera.

One must understand that this camera has a varied range of features that make it unique in each and every possible way.

Features of Candy Camera:

Following are the various features of Candy Camera:

Installation easy:
Of course this can be easily installed from the Appdodo. People do not have to worry a lot about the installation process. The file is not too big as well.

Segregated buttons:
Of course this is the very next point. In this Candy Camera application people can find various options that mention clearly what they will do. It is absolutely why people do not have to enter a particular option and then find any more options hidden in it. Of course the options provided have their own products listed in them. But then again no one will be surprised with any option at all.

There are many filters easily available in this Candy Camera application. It is apparently why, people do not have to download and waste space on another of the filter applications.

Easy to edit format:
The editing structure is made quite simplified for the people. It is exactly why no one will have problem in editing their pictures. They can of course choose from the varied range of different filters and other options as well.

Great accessibility:
This Candy Camera application has no lagging in it at all. People can always access it and that too without any stress at all. It is absolutely why this application stands out from most of the crowd.

Why use this Candy Camera application?

Following are the various reasons why people must use this application:

Camera and filters in same Candy Camera application:
This is of course one very important reason why this Candy Camera application must be used. In other times people may have to download a camera application. And along with it they may have to download a filter application as well. This causes a lot of problem and of course take up a lot of space. With this application, though it is not a possibility at all.

Great editor:
This is another of the pros of this Candy Camera application. Along with the filters, it allows people to get through with the editing option as well. One must understand that these editing options really make things easy for them.

Great picture quality:
This is no doubt one advantage that people must trust in. this Candy Camera application actually enhances the camera. Of course, it can even work in dark and still capture clear images without any problem at all.

Great features:
This Candy Camera application has few quite intriguing features in this. There are options like one touch click. Also, people will get the option of a flashlight. Apart from this people can even change the frame size of the picture before clicking it. They will also have a timer option that ranges from just 5 seconds to 15 seconds. One can add stickers to before they start capturing pictures.

How to use this Candy Camera application?

Using this Candy Camera application is quite easy. Once people starts with it, they can find the features lined up together. They can click on each feature and check with what you can do with it. After this they can start adding the stickers if they want.

They can also add the filters that they find appropriate and when all is ready then they can go ahead and take a picture. After this they will have an album of this application, where they will find all their pictures.

How to install this Candy Camera application?

Installing this Candy Camera application is quite easy. One will have to go to the Google Play store and then they will have to download this application. All they have to do is press on the “Install” option next to the Candy Camera application. It will easily be saved in the mobile phone or the tablet of course.