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CyberGhost for Android

by: CyberGhost SA

A Technology With A Creative Difference

  • Size 47.6MB
  • Version
  • Package de.mobileconcepts.cyberghost
  • Developer CyberGhost SA
  • Requirment arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,x86,x86_64
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-18

CyberGhost app description

Cyberghost is the very first Android app which is changing the VPN technology into a quality product. It has endless benefits and is extremely easy to use. This is an optimized version for both the casual as well as the advanced VPN users.

Features Of Cyberghost App:

The best features of the Cyberghost android app are:

The Cyberghost gives protection on every time using a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is the first application that has been built to activate itself whenever the phone tries to connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

While activating the Wi-Fi Protection profile, the customer’s internet connection is encrypted. In this way no hacker will be able to get off the personal information.

This profile must be used whenever one is on a free and unsecured Wi-Fi connection at the airport, cafes, etc.

The customer should use the apps wherever he is travelling.

The Cyberghost android app possesses secured streaming and one can surf anonymously on the android apps. With such enamoring features the customer must go for an app that has the Cyberghost android featured in it.

CyberGhost Screenshots

CyberGhost Screenshot 1CyberGhost Screenshot 2CyberGhost Screenshot 3CyberGhost Screenshot 4CyberGhost Screenshot 5CyberGhost Screenshot 6CyberGhost Screenshot 7CyberGhost Screenshot 8CyberGhost Screenshot 9CyberGhost Screenshot 10CyberGhost Screenshot 11CyberGhost Screenshot 12CyberGhost Screenshot 13CyberGhost Screenshot 14CyberGhost Screenshot 15CyberGhost Screenshot 16CyberGhost Screenshot 17CyberGhost Screenshot 18CyberGhost Screenshot 19CyberGhost Screenshot 20CyberGhost Screenshot 21CyberGhost Screenshot 22CyberGhost Screenshot 23CyberGhost Screenshot 24CyberGhost Screenshot 25CyberGhost Screenshot 26CyberGhost Screenshot 27CyberGhost Screenshot 28CyberGhost Screenshot 29CyberGhost Screenshot 30CyberGhost Screenshot 31CyberGhost Screenshot 32CyberGhost Screenshot 33CyberGhost Screenshot 34CyberGhost Screenshot 35CyberGhost Screenshot 36