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Gboard for Android

by: Google LLC

Type Smart With Smart Application In Your Smartphone– The Gboard

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  • Developer Google LLC
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
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  • Added 2024-03-28

Gboard app description

The Gboard Application is nothing but a smart way to feed in information or messages to your phone for processing and sending information. We require a keyboard to perform various activities in your phone. The keyboard is a pre-installed app from Google which is mandate for a device to operate smoothly. We need the app for various activities like – messaging, searching, mailing, contact saving, dialing a number etc. Even if you plan to send any emoji over sms then also you require the Keyboard application.

You can update the Gboard application from Appdodo and get additional benefits. The keyboard once updated even allows you type any word with a swipe of finger. The pre-set dictionary takes meaningful words into account and when you type the letters in the keyboard it displays all the meaningful ones on screen. You can simply confirm the right word to be entered with a swipe of your finger. The Keyboard also gives advice on dictionary words for you to choose from. If enter or add any new word to your dictionary, the app is capable of remembering any new command. Even it recognized the preferred emoji or smiley by holding on to the mostly used ones.

Features of Gboard Application:

Declaring Gboard as the most important application in our phone is not the only thing one needs to know. One needs to know all the important features that keyboard has to offer-

The application is available in mobile Appdodo for installing free of cost.

Application supports around 150 different languages for typing like various forms of English, German, and Spanish etc.

Easy and faster typing option with the help of the module called AI.

The app is provided with artificial intellectual technology that recognizes the user’s writing style and spellings automatically. Even emojis are recognized for being the popular ones that are used.

Determines various styles of writing an item depending on the purpose.

If you make any mistake while writing the Keyboard app will be able to correct the same automatically.

Typing a message is so easy with app. Why should you type when you can swipe?. Having this app means you can swipe and select a pre-determined word to be included in the texts or command that has been sent.

The application learns to adapt to your language including any kind of slang or phrases or nicknames. You can program it according to you use.

Get 80 various themes and colours for the anniversary.

Saves any new phrase or new phrases or words where you face any difficult with the dictionary.

The best feature of the application is the bilingual option of typing in one go. Now you can choose 2 languages of your choice and type a bilingual message for friends.

The Gboard app, as already discussed as a smart app, can learn and remember any slang or phrase or nicknames used once while typing.

You always get a dictionary prediction for words and emojis from the Keyboard option.

How to use the Gboard App:

You need to use the Gboard app in your phone at every point of time right from the moment you turn on your phone. Choose the correct words and avoid typo-errors while simply swiping on your touch screen with the help of keyboard.

Gboard Screenshots

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