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Google Play services

24.10.16 (190400-617252962) for Android

by: Google LLC

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  • Size 147.6MB
  • Version 24.10.16 (190400-617252962)
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  • Developer Google LLC
  • Requirment Android 12.0+
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  • Added 2023-06-24

Google Play services app description

Google Play Services is an important tool used by default installed in all android phones for regular updating the app store. Different applications that we use in our Smartphone require regular update from the Appdodo. This work is done by the Google play services tool. This component is meant to maintain the core level functionality of the Smartphone by authenticating the device with the Appdodo. Every app is updated by authentication by this application. This app helps to synchronize all contacts in our device with the Google app and also maintain the privacy settings of the device. Operating Google play services doesn’t require high power. It provides with high quality location tracking facility.

Your experience on operating any app on your android phones is enhanced to a great extent when you use Google play services. With updated Google play services any kind of offline search also doesn’t face any hindrance. You get better quality and detailed maps available when you have Google play services on your Smartphone. No need to mention that an updated Google play provides with better experience of gaming. You need to update the play services at regular intervals. The of the Google play service app is variable depending on the device where it is used.

Features of the Google Play Services:

A Google play service has become a very important integral part for android since its advent. The main reason is its work as an application developer inspite of being an app itself. Previously people were unaware of its uses and the features and wondered the reason behind keeping the app in the device. But it is important because of the following reasons:

It is the base for any application to work smoothly in an android phone. Though the play services take up space in your device it ensures the operation of other applications smoothly in your phone. The utility of the Google play services become more distinct when our phone faces some issue.

Our Smartphone remain secured from any kind of malware activity happening due to installing new apps because of the Google play services. This app ensures that our device performs all activities and we use other applications at a good speed.

Offline usage of Google play services is also applicable especially for application that involves working when offline.

The maps and GPS tracking that we do regularly on our phone is totally dependent on the Google play services. One needs to update the Google play services at regular interval so that the maps displayed are also updated with new location tracing. If you plan to uninstall the Google play services then we aware that it will mean problematic functioning for the entire device, especially the maps.

The games are secured with Google play services. The app ensures that we are able to play games with good speed and with proper clarity. Game apps find a new dimension with the updated version of the Google play services. Google play services ensure that one is able to play any multiplayer games.

Any social site or gaming zone requires a platform to launch. Google Play services provides that platform such that the application works smoothly.

The GPS that comes with the Google play services not only gives the location of the user, but also provides with other necessary information. It is also provide with interactive location finder system.

Get a personalized experience with the Google+ option of the Google play services. This app allows you to access mails and other sites were easily. You just need to login to make full utilization of it. The Google play services synchronize your contract list on the phone and the same present in your mail id. This ensures that you have updated data always ready at your hand.

The Android API is another important feature of the Google play services that enables a user to cast the mobile application on a television screen with the help of Google cast.

The app for Google drive with the Google play services allows one to store files in the Google, memory for any kind of future manipulation of the files.

Google play services allow the apps to display any kind of android application adds. This is away of digital marketing.

If you want to buy something instantly without spending the cash, then it’s the Google play services that can help you out.

How is a Google play services application used?

To use Google play services in your android phone you need to first set up the application that comes by default with your phone. Simply set the Google play services from the Android studio setting menu. Once it is started it can do all work on own. You just need to set the mode as auto-synchronization and your work is done.