Internet Speed Meter app apk download

Internet Speed Meter

2.1.2 for Android

by: Glitterz Inc

See how fast your internet connection really is

  • Size 2.2MB
  • Version 2.1.2
  • Package com.glitter.internetmeter
  • Developer Glitterz Inc
  • Requirment Android 4.0+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2023-04-11

Internet Speed Meter app description

Internet Speed Meter is nothing but application software available as a trial pack for free in our mobile Appdodo. This is a utility application meant for the maintenance of the system of your device. This is an app for installing in Android phones. The sole motive of using this app is keep an eye on the supped that your get out of your internet. It displays the speed in the form of bar status on your mobile screen.

With Internet Speed Meter not only can you check the speed your network connection is providing, but also checks the amount of data that you have used up and the strength of your network. All these details pop up as a notification on your device. This ensures that you updated about your data pack on a constant basis. In one word it’s a Sped-o-meter for your phone with which you track your internet at any point of time from anywhere.

This app is superlite in nature and saves a lot of memory space. So use the Internet Speed Meter app conveniently by downloading from the Appdodo. It only consumes 3.4Mb of your phone. Hence the mobile utility is also not hampered. As this is all about the internet usage and speed the app notifies you the status only when you’re mobile’s internet is turned on. An important point to remember while using this app is the storage. This app is meant for storage in your device memory slot. It ceases to work if moved to the SD card memory slot.

Features of Internet Speed Meter:

This application is available in the mobile Appdodo for free to download. Install the Internet Speed Meter and keep tracking your internet function easily.

The app can used to track both speed and usage of the data of your internet pack.

Stay updated on the speed with bar reading and regular notification.

The app provides separate tracked stat figures for Wi-Fi and internet speed and usage.

Helps in monitoring the traffic of the data you used in past 30 days.

Since the app is superlite in nature, it is highly efficient from the battery consumption perspective.

Keep a track of your internet usage until the last moment in a graphical form.

The app supports use of themes in it.

vOption for customization of notification and widget.

The app operates on a cloud server basis hence the security of the phone is highly maintained in this app.

When you track your internet in the Internet Speed Monitor app it shows both usage and time consumption happening in the current or live session of internet use in the phone.

The app provides the opportunity to customize the notification. You can prioritize your notification or even hide some when the phone is not connected to the internet or rather in working in an idle mode with the turned on the internet.

How to use the internet speed meter application app?

Using the internet speed meter app is no rocket science. It is an easy to use app that you can install from Appdodo. This works when you have connection of internet live in phone and keeps tracking your usage and speed and keeps a record on a daily basis for you to check when needed.