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Night Mode

1.0.1 for Android

by: Bruno Barão

Protect Your Eyes From The Harmful Mobile Lights....

  • Size 538.2KB
  • Version 1.0.1
  • Package pt.bbarao.nightmode
  • Developer Bruno Barão
  • Requirment Android 2.1+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2023-04-07

Night Mode app description

Mobile phones have become a necessity for almost all the people nowadays. Almost all the work we do is related to this one device. As a result everybody spends almost the entire day using this. But is the light from these devices safe? Absolutely not! They can harm the eyes more than just often. It is absolutely why this app of Night Mode helps put a blockade to this light. And this is exactly what helps people in many ways.

The features of this application is more than just mere magnificent.

Features of Night Mode:

Following are the various features of this application:

An immediate filter: This is exactly what this Night Mode application does. People can get relief from the strong light of the phones with an immediate filter. Of course this app doesn’t take much time to activate. Rather it doesn’t take a second even.

Free of cost: This application is available for free in the Appdodo. One can definitely download it without having to incur any type of cost of course. This is the exact thing that people find as attracting.

Great interface:This is another of the most important of all the features. This application possess a great user interface. This allows even people who are less proficient with technology, to work with it.

Easy to access:This application is also easy to access. All one has to do is download, it, and run it. They will be taken to an extremely organized and small, menu option and they can just turn the filter on.

Helps look at the screen:Of course this is the best feature of this Night Mode Night Mode application. One can immediately get relief from the sharp light. They will not have to strain their eyes anymore with the help of this amazing application.

Helps save energy: This application goes as far as to even disable the backlight of the buttons as well. As a result it helps conserve the energy for people. It is also one reason why this application is so important.

Doesn’t make it dark:Though this application protects people from the sharp light, yet it doesn’t make it dark for one to see. It keeps the light soft but doesn’t go as far as to put a pressure on the eyes. People can still see things pretty clearly.

How to use Night Mode?

Following are the various steps that people must follow:

Download:People can get this application easily available in the Appdodo and that too for free. They can install it on their android devices without much fuss at all.

Run:The next thing that one must do is run this application. Once they are through with it a page will appear stating “Start”. People can start off immediately or they can work on the settings of the app.

Work the settings:

People really have an immense of options to choose from in the settings. They can select from the Minimum brightness so that one can change it according to their own wish. Also they can select the option of “Report Crash”. This allows them to get a notification if the app crashes.

There are various other setting options that people can choose from. One must realize though that this application will definitely help them get through with the best light effect for the protection of the eyes.

Night Mode Screenshots

Night Mode Screenshot 1Night Mode Screenshot 2