PS Remote Play app apk download

PS Remote Play

7.0.0 for Android

by: PlayStation Mobile Inc.

Bring your PS4 to your smartphone screen

  • Size 39.6MB
  • Version 7.0.0
  • Package
  • Developer PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Requirment Android 9.0+
  • Category Entertainment
  • Added 2023-11-25

PS Remote Play app description

PS4 Remote play is type of tool, which can be easily attached with any screen or android screen. PS4 Remote Play is play station for the person, who wants to make play station at their home. It is a good idea to play at your place wherever you want to play. You can enjoy it in your kitchen or enjoy it in your balcony area. It is method of play to lose you in the feature of game. It is a play station, which is attached to a wireless device and wireless device is also a shock proof.

Not only the children of home can enjoy the feature of PS4 Remote Play but also all generation of any age can enjoy it. In the list of games, it is mention that has not all games included in it, but one can surely send content a lot of to the screens where one can want to see and play the games. PS4 Remote play is attached to android smart phone, TV, Tablets or any type of screen or monitor and connect them with the Wi-Fi of your home. It is a better way to spend the time for children of indoor activities.

Feature of PS4 Remote Play

The setup of PS4 Remote Play game is very easy

Process of installation of PS4 Remote Play is easy and simple.

Before playing the game, make sure that the device PS4 remote and the screens both are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Then download the app from the network source is also easy method.

It is a tool, which has a compatible home console games and allows the games to be played by hand.

It is a mandatory feature of all PS4 Remote Play, but except the games that is utilize like Play station move.

It transfers the audio or video of all games to the play station portable and play station vita screen or speakers.

It allows the users to play the games on the screens of TV, Tablets or smart phones and allows the users to play it a separate place in home or where ever user want to play.

It is operated by a wireless network with a remote on the home.

It is good way to control the children for not going outside the home.

It is a good way to attach the children in indoor activity and enjoy the games in any part of the home.

PS4 Remote Play is useful for all who want to play games in the home and want to spend the time in the home, except going anywhere.

How to play Games with PS4 Remote play?

It is a very good way to play the game. The process of playing on PS4 Remote Play is as .

Put you PS4 in rest mode and prepare it to be ready mode.

Connect a controller to the screen with USB cable.

Down the app and click on start.

Save the file on your smart phone or other screens.

Follow the online installation process to install the games.

Sign in and make account to use for PS4 system.

Pair with wireless remote to play the games.

What should you need for PS4 Remote Play?

Monitor, Smart phones or TV and Tablets.

PS4 Remote play app.

Internet (Wi-Fi network) with high speed because you need at least 15 mbps speed to install or download.

USB cable or USB Wireless adopter .

Wireless controller is necessary if you use wireless adopter.

You will also need of microphone or speaker or inbuilt speakers for voice.

PS Remote Play Screenshots

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