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Safe Gallery

5.7.11 for Android

by: DEHA

Protect your image and video galleries with a password

  • Size 18.3MB
  • Version 5.7.11
  • Package
  • Developer DEHA
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-18

Safe Gallery app description

Every person has files stored in their phones. The problem is though, that often even these are personal files, people love to have a peek in them. It is absolutely why finding the best available privacy method is necessary.

No matter what types of files one may own, they must make sure that they are protecting them with the help of the Safe Gallery app. This is one of those apps that knows how to deal with eavesdroppers and people who sneak.

This app has many benefits that it offers to people no doubt.

Features of Safe Gallery:

Following are the various features of this app:

Helps protect the audio files: A person usually is fond of music and it is absolutely why they try to keep their favourite list to themselves. But then again if they want to protect these files from people then this particular app will help them with it eventually.

Helps protect the video files: This is another of the features that the people must be aware of. One can definitely choose to protect their video files with this app. Many people may have videos that they may not want to share with others. But then again protecting them at times can get difficult. It is absolutely why one must use this.

Helps protect pictures: Pictures are apparently the best available memories of people. It is apparently why people must make sure that they are using this app. It helps them protect their as well as their family member’s personal pictures. This can actually help in various ways no doubt. The miscreants will never get through with it.

Available for free: This Safe Gallery application is of course available for free. One do not have to pay anything extra when it comes to saving their most important files of course. This is one of the features that actually manages to attract people a lot.

Great accessibility: One can make sure that they will no doubt get great accessibility to their files whenever they like and however they like, only if they have the password though. And they will never have trouble of losing the files as well. There files are absolutely safe with this particular application without any doubt at all.

Great upgrades: This particular Safe Gallery app ensures of one important thing of course. People can easily get it upgraded for free. Also, there will be many available features with this particular application upgrades.

Great security codes: This is no wonder the best available advantage or feature of this particular application of course. One can definitely make sure that there are three distinctive types of protection available here. One can select from the passwords, patterns or the codes.

How to use Safe Gallery?

Using this Safe Gallery application is extremely easy. All people will have to do is download this application from the Appdodo . Then they have to select the files that they want to protect. They can open the application and follow the options mentioned.

Slowly and softly they can put a privacy setting on their files. They can easily choose from the 3 methods of putting a security code on it of course. They can definitely select from the password, or code or pattern lock options. With this they do not have to worry about the privacy anymore.

Safe Gallery Screenshots

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