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8.0.3 for Android

by: Zivame

Now Get The Best Fashion Solutions With One And Only Zivame App

  • Size 76.8MB
  • Version 8.0.3
  • Package com.zivame.consumer
  • Developer Zivame
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Shopping
  • Added 2024-03-18

Zivame app description

Times are changing and so are the women. Nowadays the lingerie is not a taboo that they do not talk about at all. Nor do they talk about it only behind closed doors. Zivame with time they have come to understand that lingerie is well one very important part of the basic fashion.

Without a right one a look will never be perfect. With the Zivame application this is one thing that can be taken care of without much fuss. There are many women who hates going out shopping for a lingerie. They are often subjected to various embarrassing situations.

But then again that shouldn’t stop them from getting what they want. And Zivame app helps them get through with shopping quite easily.

Features of Zivame app:

Following are the various features of this application:

1. Exclusive catalogue: This is apparently one of the best reasons why people must use this application. it contains an exclusive catalogue with great products listed on them.

2. Variations: This is another thing that matters a lot. These women get an opportunity to try on some of the best products for themselves without any doubt. There is not only a range in collections, but also the range of sizes available is high enough.

3. Nicely organized: There is no doubt in the fact that this application is meant for women only. It is nicely organized, that makes it extremely user friendly without any doubt at all. It is absolutely why women usually love using this application as well.

4. Free: this application is available for free . People can make sure that they are getting through with free upgrades as well. This is one thing that matters a lot.

5. Easy cart and favourites: Now one can choose from a range of products and save them in the list of favourites. This helps them access these products much easily later on. And people must ensure of the very fact that checking out is also quite easy with this application.

6. Varied payment options: This is another of the best options available. One can choose from the various payment options with the help of this application.

7. Other fashion products: Along with the lingerie there are other fashion products that people can try as well. One must understand that this application will provide them with a range of beautiful clothing and accessories as well.

How to Use Zivame?

Following are the various steps that people may use:

1. Choose from the organized drop down menu: There are many categories available. One must choose the one that suits their interest the most. They may even use the search bar to directly search for the product.

2. Filter the choices: One can even filter the choices as they can definitely get through with the best possible range of products available for them. They can filter the sizes and the prices and colours and on Zivame.

After that they can put these products in the cart. Apply discount coupon if any.

Check out! And choose the most appropriate payment method to pay.

Zivame Screenshots

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