Pou app apk download


1.4.118 for Android

by: Zakeh Ltd

Accept the challenge to take care of Pou

  • Size 27.8MB
  • Version 1.4.118
  • Package me.pou.app
  • Developer Zakeh Ltd
  • Requirment universal
  • Category Casual
  • Added 2024-03-18

Pou game description

Pou-Accept the challenge to take care of Pou Have A Nice Time With The Android Alien

Pou is nothing but an android alien who has to be fed and loved. It’s a pet you can keep. You can feed it, play with it, caress it with your finger and watch it grow. You can play with it to collect coins and with these coins you can unlock different wallpapers and different outfits for POU Game. It has got a rating of 4.3 stars in android playstore. The game is last updated on 24th of August 2016. Around 500,000,000-1,000,000,000 people have installed it around the world.

Features Of Pou

You just require an android platform with minimum update of 2.3 android versions.

Pou game has a version of 1.4.73. The pet is created by Zakeh.

You can customize POU’s look. You can talk to your pet and then again listen back.

You can unlock special items in the course of your keeping the pet.

Poufor android is available in various languages such as French, Catalan, and many others.

The pet can be installed in Blackberry, iOS and android.

The default colour of Pou is brown.

Why Should You Download Pou?

Pou has options of feeding it, cleaning it, exercising it and putting it to sleep. There are also mini games within the app. When you connect Pou to internet it can interact with other Pous and you can play Pou-VS-Pou games with it. In 2014 multilingual feature was added to Pou.

Pou is under the name of MOU in windows phone. First version of it was released on 5th of August 2012. Since then Pou is going strong. Download Pou it to interact and enjoy with it.

Pou Screenshots

Pou Screenshot 1Pou Screenshot 2Pou Screenshot 3Pou Screenshot 4Pou Screenshot 5Pou Screenshot 6Pou Screenshot 7Pou Screenshot 8Pou Screenshot 9Pou Screenshot 10Pou Screenshot 11Pou Screenshot 12Pou Screenshot 13Pou Screenshot 14Pou Screenshot 15