Temple Run 2 app apk download

Temple Run 2

1.109.1 for Android

by: Imangi Studios

Get Ready For Another Adventurous Game by Temple Run Series

  • Size 127.5MB
  • Version 1.109.1
  • Package com.imangi.templerun2
  • Developer Imangi Studios
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Action
  • Added 2024-03-18

Temple Run 2 game description

Temple Run 1 had managed to enthrall its players and surprise them with the awesome storyline And then emerged Temple Run 2.This game is more exciting of course, with a promise of new adventure. People should thus waste no time in downloading Temple Run 2 as well. It has so many exciting features that people can hardly get over this game.

As the age of digitalization dawned on us various games have come to existence as well. Nowadays it is the age of the smartphones. It is absolutely why there are so many games available as applications.One of these games that created quite a stir was, of course, Temple Run!

Features of Temple Run 2:

Following are the various features of Game:

Great interface: Of course this is the best part about this game without any doubt. People can thus get to use this application without any much problem at all. Most of the applications lack a great interface. This makes it hard for the users to use the applications. Thus one can of course ensure that this game will work the best.

Can choose to view ads: Now the advertisements will of course not be forced on people with this game. They can choose to view the advertisements if they like. This is thus one of the most attractive of all features with Temple Run 2.

Free to download: People can of course download this application for free. They can choose this application from the application stores and thus download it for free. They do not have to worry about any charges that may be implied at all.

No virus to worry about: This is another reason best feature of this particular application. There are no viruses that may come with this application. It is very safe and of course there is nothing to worry about when it comes to this application.

Why should one play Temple Run 2?

Following are the various reasons why people must play Temple Run 2:

1. Great graphics:This is absolutely the very first advantage of playing this game. People can always get through with the best gaming experience with this particular game. Of course there are so many scenarios and beautiful images but then again high quality of all are maintained.

2. Great sound quality:This game of course has a vibrant sound. And of course just like its graphics it is quite clear and great in many ways possible. People can definitely have great vibes of playing the game from the sound.

3. Runs on various platforms:People can of course play this game on android or on iOS. And they will have no problem in doing so. This game comfortably runs on all the platforms. Also people can of course play this game in the Windows as well. This is absolutely why this is one great benefit of playing this game of course.

4. Extremely exciting:People can of course feel excited about this game. It has one of the best storyline. This is absolutely why people generally would love to play this game. Of course the dangers are also updated and so are the various achievements. This is again why people must try this game.

5. Many characters:This game has somewhere around 27 characters and people can of course select them as they progress in the level and earn enough amount no doubt.

6. Tilt Motion Sensor:This is of course one thing that makes this game much more exciting. People can of course tilt their phone to make the characters in the game tilt to a particular side as well.

Foundation of Temple Run 2:

First Version of this game was released in the year of 2013. It is from the Imangi studios and of course created quite a stir with its introduction. This game was created by a team of a couple namely Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. Also the art of the game was designed by Kiril Tchangov.

It was first launched in the iOS in January 13th, 2013 and next it was launched on 24th of January 2013. Last but not the least, it got introduced to the world of Windows phone users. It was by December of 2013 of course.This game has an interesting pattern. It is known as the endless running game, where the characters have to run from the dangers that are following them. Of course there are many obstacles as well. But then again that is the game all about.

How to install Temple Run 2 Game?

Installing this game is quite simple. One can of course make sure that they can choose to go to the iOS store or the Windows store , Google Playstore, or Appdodo.com depending on the platform. Then they can search for Temple Run 2 and download this game easily. All they have to do is select the “Install” option.

Temple Run 2 Screenshots

Temple Run 2 Screenshot 1Temple Run 2 Screenshot 2Temple Run 2 Screenshot 3Temple Run 2 Screenshot 4Temple Run 2 Screenshot 5Temple Run 2 Screenshot 6Temple Run 2 Screenshot 7Temple Run 2 Screenshot 8Temple Run 2 Screenshot 9Temple Run 2 Screenshot 10Temple Run 2 Screenshot 11Temple Run 2 Screenshot 12Temple Run 2 Screenshot 13Temple Run 2 Screenshot 14Temple Run 2 Screenshot 15