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21.46.0 for Android

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Your personal language teacher

  • Size 96.4MB
  • Version 21.46.0
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  • Developer Babbel
  • Requirment Android 8.0+
  • Category Education
  • Added 2024-03-18

Babbel app description

Babbel is a language teaching all that helps to learn various languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German etc. It is the short route to have conversations in new languages.

Features of Babbel

Babbel can learn more than 14 new languages like Spanish French German Italian, Brazilian Portuguese Russian, Turkish polish English Indonesian-Dutch Danish-Swedish and Norwegian.

10 to 15-minute bite-sized short lessons that easily fit into your schedule.

Babbel integrated with speech recognition to keep your pronunciation on spot.

Lessons cover a wide range of topics from transportation, shopping, directions and much more.

The comprehensive lessons build up your confidence and help you to speak fluently.

Retain new vocabulary with robust review manager.

Babbel easily learn new languages from any device.

Why use Babbel?

Babbel is developed by a team of language experts and helps to learn numerous languages. It is one of the best online apps to learn new languages.

Babbel Screenshots

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