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Mobile Tracker for Android

6.2.7 for Android

by: naveeninfotech

Now Getting Through With Your Lost Phone Is Easier With Mobile Tracker App

  • Size 6.2MB
  • Version 6.2.7
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  • Developer naveeninfotech
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-18

Mobile Tracker for Android app description

There are various necessities of a human being. But mobile phone seems to make it to the top of the list of those necessities nowadays. This is apparently why there are so many people who absolutely loves the idea of owning a tracker.

With so many important things the phone does, it is really important for people to know about it whereabouts. Especially when it contains so many important files to be precise. It is absolutely why a person must make sure that they have the Mobile tracker app with them.

Features of this Mobile Tracker:

Mobile tracker application easily prohibits people from uninstalling it. It is practically password protected and thus people do not have to have to worry about anything else at all. If they lose their phone they will know that they will get notified about it for sure.

Message file deletion: This is another of the most interesting features of this application. People can definitely make sure that this app will help in deletion of all the files if one sends a sms stating so. This is one thing that will help in maintaining the privacy .

Easy to use: There is no complicated process in the entire event . People can definitely make sure that they will be able to get through with the steps much easily than what anyone might have thought.

Free: This is the best feature of this application. It not only provides so many of these awesome features, but then again offers them for free for sure. One must understand that this is one thing that really sets it apart from various other apps.

Registers sim card: This particular application registers the people’s sim card. It is absolutely why it is aware of any new sim card in the phone as well. It is one thing that all must be aware of.

Sim card messages: When a new sim card is inserted in the mobile phone. This application manages to send a message to the registered sim card and along with it to two three other numbers that are registered with it. It gives out the location and the number of the recent sim card .

How to use Mobile Tracker for Android?

People can follow the following steps:

  1. They must first ensure that they are installing the correct application.
  2. Then they can run the application and it will by itself detect the sim card or the sim cards, in case of two.
  3. Also it will register these sim cards as the initial and authentic sim cards.
  4. Mobile tracker will ask people to register two to three trusted numbers and one must do the same. They must provide with the numbers of the immediate relatives whom they trust. After doing so people can definitely make sure that these sim cards will be registered.
  5. Mobile tracker will also ask people to set a password or key that will save it from being uninstalled or opened.
  6. After successfully installing the app, people must make sure that it is working absolutely fine. For this they must test the device by changing the sim cards.

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