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MP3 Cutter

3.18.2 for Android

by: beka

Reduce Music File Size For Smooth Uploading

  • Size 7.2MB
  • Version 3.18.2
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  • Developer beka
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Video Players & Editors
  • Added 2023-04-12

MP3 Cutter app description

Mp3 Cutter is a free android or Windows app that one can download from Appdodo to cut and merge different mp3 files and make a new song or ringtone. This is a free Mp3 Cutter application supported to any system with windows or android. This is a very lightweight application that doesn’t consume a large amount of your system memory. There is no technical hindrance in using this application as this is a very user friendly tool. One can simply use this tool to cut out different fragments of mp3 recording, be it a song or dialogue or any voice message. The application is not only meant for cutting out the smaller fragments from songs, but also joining different fragments to get music of your choice.

Cutting out fragments from mp3 files makes them less heavy than the original and easier for uploading in different social sites. One more benefit the tool offers – the chances to cut out important portions of a file and join them together to form another new file for important purposes.

Features of the Mp3 Cutter Application:

The accuracy of the Mp3 Cutter application is the main reason why it so famous among users. This can cut and join fragments from mp3 files to form ringtones in a fraction of a second. So the speed is definitely a key feature. All the features making this app so popular can be listed below as-

Cutting and joining Mp3 Files:
This quality of the app is very important as the app allows you to cut out audio mp3 file at different segments and again join at a different point to make a soundtrack of own choice. This is so well developed that it cuts the mp3 file with great precision. This ensures that the quality of the sound track is well maintained. This is not only about cutting the mo3 files but more than that. It cuts with precision and speed and ensures a stable file.

Fading feature:
The Mp3 Cutter app also features with facilities like the fade-in and the fade-out which is highly required by professionals for mixing purpose. So mixing soundtrack and making a new mash up is really easy now. This helps in making own ringtones that you can apply and circulate among friends. The quality remains intact.

Online mp3 cutting:
When you are using this Mp3 Cutter app it's not mandate that you edit the songs all on your computer or mobile. You can simply upload the song and look for an online option to cut and join the mp3 file. You just need to select few options online and save the edited file.

Technically easy:
Using the Mp3 Cutter app really doesn’t require one to be an expert in technology. The app is so prepared that handling the same is very easy. The entire process is very simple and only requires one to upload the required file and mention the segments for cutting. One doesn’t need to have any special knowledge on technology or have great skills on music composing to do the job.

Getting mp3 extract from video files:
This feature is very useful when you just require the music track or any dialogue out of a particular video. The app supports that.

Creating ringtone:
When you cut and join two fragments of mp3 file you form a new mp3 file with a new audio. By editing a music file in a similar fashion you can make your own ringtone. It can help to make your own mash up soundtrack to rock any party.

The security:
This app ensures the security to a great extent. It ensures that the edited mp3 file is not accessible by you and no one else. The Mp3 Cutter app is protected from spywares and keeps you phone information safe.

A free App:
The best part of using Mp3 Cutter is that it’s a free application available at your Smartphone Appdodo. Not only it’s a free app but also has got features of free demo before usage so that you can get the maximum benefit out of this file.

How to use the Mp3 Cutter application?

Keeping all the features in mind it is quite obvious that this app will be in high demand, especially among the teenagers. The popular Mp3 Cutter app is available in the Appdodo of your android and iOS phones in the 2.0.1 version. The steps to use the application Mp3 Cutter are-

  1. Choose and install the Version 2.0.1 of Mp3 Cutter app from your Appdodo.
  2. Set a user id and password for the application.
  3. Tap on the green coloured button located on the top.
  4. Select a song for uploading.
  5. Once loaded use button from trimming on the track line in music player.
  6. Play the cut part and save the same in your device.

MP3 Cutter Screenshots

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