Opera Mini app apk download

Opera Mini

79.0.2254.70805 for Android

by: Opera

The Popular Opera Browser Now In The Fastest And The lightest Version

  • Size 43.4MB
  • Version 79.0.2254.70805
  • Package com.opera.mini.native
  • Developer Opera
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Communication
  • Added 2024-03-18

Opera Mini app description

Opera Mini is recognized to be a web browser which confers several advantages in comparison to other browsers from Microsoft or Mozilla. This browser is smaller in size and has gained high popularity for being stable and fast. This browser is available for different operating systems which are inclusive of Symbian OS, BeOS, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, and Windows. It bestows similar capabilities of more popular browsers which are inclusive of instant messaging, integrated searches, support for eMail, cascading style sheets and JavaScript. As Opera mini is very compact, it is promoted for using in handheld internet devices like smartphones that make use of Windows Mobile operating system.

Features of Opera Mini App

Here are some of the features of Opera Mini which will make browsing more convenient and smoother for users:

Floating Video Player: Opera mini lets you overlaying web videos while working. There is no requirement for setting anything. You just need to hover the mouse over a video which is playing on the web page and click on the specific icon which appears on top of the video. While doing this, another instance of the specific video will be popping up in always on the top window which will be resizing while moving around. In case you are not being able to view the icon while hovering over the video, you can pause and replay the same.

Tab Previews: Opera Mini comes with tab preview feature that lets you have a quick peek at what the tab comprises of by hovering over the tab present in the tab bar. It is certainly better than squinting for the identification of favicons and jumping from one tap to the other, for viewing whether it is the one you are looking for. It is possible to enable tab previews by default. In case you are willing to turn them off, you require navigating to User Interface in Browser in Preferences after which you need to select or deselect the checkbox which is located next to Show Tab Previews.

In case you possess a crowded or slow internet connection, you can enable this feature. This will be routing the web pages via one of the servers of Opera mini and compress the web content which you are trying to access. This is ideal in order to save and speeding things. You do not need to worry regarding the privacy in Turbo mode as you will be browsing a highly secured website where Turbo is enabled. Hence, there are no chances of the routing of the data with the aid of Turbo compression servers.

Battery Saver: The Opera Mini web browser comes with Battery Saver Mode which confers 50% more of the battery life. This additional battery time can be really useful. While activating the power saving mode of Opera Mini via Battery Saver Toolbar, it may trigger some of the background optimization which is inclusive of fewer animation, reduction of the tab, and plugging activity. This mode can be activated at any time and you will get a notification for doing so as there is a drop down in the charge up to 20%.

Mouse Gestures: Mouse Gestures make taking care of routine tasks like navigation between web pages, closing, and refreshing tabs, opening links without any hassles. For instance, in case you are willing to go back the page, you may click on the empty space on the current page, holding down left mouse button and dragging the mouse to left.

Data Synchronization: Opera confers for keeping tabs, bookmarks, and settings in sync across different devices. You require signing up for an Opera account for procuring benefits of this feature. For starting with a new account, you require clicking on the tiny mannequin icon which is present on the right-hand side of the address bar and follow onscreen instructions for setting an account.

Free and Unlimited VPN Apk: The Free and Unlimited VPN is built into the browser Opera Mini which is free, fast and unlimited and does not possess data capping. You do not have the option of using VPN in private browsing mode even. For starting the use of inbuilt VPN service of Opera Mini, you require enabling the same from Privacy and Security in Preferences. You do not have the access to VPN feature that depends on the version of opera which you are using.

Sidebar Extensions: Though multitasking is not recommended, this feature is useful on certain occasions. If you want to go for a skype conversion or composing a quick tweet or email, you may make use of these extensions.

Why should you use Opera Mini Browser?

There are several reasons owing to which people prefer using opera mini. You can save an ample amount of time by using this browser. Even if your internet connection is slower, this browser will be beneficial in making the website load at a faster rate. This web browser lets you find contact at ease and remember it. In order to do so, you need to add an interesting page to Opera Bookmarks and Speed Dial. The Opera Mini browser displays bookmarks in the form of a gallery. You will not be able to find the same in any other web browser. The opera web browser plays a vital role in matching the style. You can select from over than 1,000 extensions for adding some of the new functionality and customizing the browser. You can set favorite search engine, change browser themes with the aid of this browser. You can focus on browsing while Opera mini renders protection from different web threats. Opera mini happens to be a secure browser which warns you regarding any suspicious websites.