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6.0.7 for Android

by: Sketchbook

The best digital art platform

  • Size 145.4MB
  • Version 6.0.7
  • Package com.adsk.sketchbook
  • Developer Sketchbook
  • Requirment Android 9.0+
  • Category Art & Design
  • Added 2024-03-18

Sketchbook app description

Sketchbook is an innovative painting and drawing app specially designed for all people regardless of their skills. It has a clean and intuitive interface. It allows you to express your art in a digital form from anywhere.

Artistic features of SketchBook - Draw and Paint

(1) Full-screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface.

(2) Users can choose from more than 10 preset brushes, customizable pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural and rich drawing experience.

(3) It has a synthetic pressure-sensitivity.

(4) It allows you 2500% zoom for controlling the finest details of your art.

(5) It has a complete Layer Editor with 3 layers and 16 blending modes.

(6) It has symmetry tools and proportional transform tools.

(7) It has a comprehensive brush library with over 100+ preset pencils, pens, brushes, and markers.

(8) It has synthetic and smudge brush sets.

(9) It has a complete Color Library.

(10) More layers.

(11) Time-lapse recording.

(12) Easily upload a photo of your line art and start coloring in SketchBook.

(13) Full layer controls with 18 layer blending modes.

(14) Advanced selection tools (marquee, lasso, magic wand).

(15) Gradient fills tools (linear, radial).

(16) Randomize the colors in the color filter and use crazy new colors organize your artwork in SketchBook’s Gallery with multiple view options, albums, and flexible ordering.

(17) Users can sketch, create line art, paint and discover an authentic, natural experience with this digital art tool.

(18) Save and store your work on Dropbox.

(19) SketchBook is available in various languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese etc.

Why use SketchBook - Draw and Paint?

Sketchbook draw and paint is the best app to develop your artistic skills. It has simple and powerful tools that let you create more fluid pencils and natural painting that are realistic. Express your thoughts and create magic in the art using sketchbook. It is suited for all ages and for people even without any prior experience or skills.

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