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  • Size 94.1MB
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  • Package com.whatsapp
  • Developer WhatsApp LLC
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Communication
  • Added 2024-03-30

WhatsApp app description

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-Platform, instant messaging application that has changed the usual perceptions on text based communications.

This application came up in a time, when SMS was the only way for instant messaging and since the inception of the app, it took the app the minimum time to emerge as the priority choice for instant messaging as well as for exchanging files and documents. In today’s time, this application has surpassed the popularity of the conventional SMS and with the developer constantly adding new features, the popularity of the application is rising day by day.

WhatsApp features:

Cross-Platform functionality: The feature that deserves a special mention is the cross-platform functionality of this application. No matter you are using an Android or iOS device or you are a Windows Phone or Blackberry users, you can download and install WhatsApp on your device as well as connect with other users, using any of these devices. Hence, it makes communication easier. As a matter of fact, this is this capacity of this app that made it the most popular instant messaging application in today’s time.

No compulsion to create an account: Though this app is presently owned by FACEBOOK that requires users to create an account for using the messenger services, in this case, you will not require signing up for any additional account. This makes the application simple to use. You simply need to verify your mobile number that you can do through a text message and after that, you can start availing the services.

Group messaging feature: This attribute makes it possible for the users to communicate with the largest count of people within the shortest time. Assume, you have a community of friends and you are planning a day out or any such event; this feature of the app will enable the group members to participate in one single thread communication. On the other hand, business users can benefit from this feature to promote their special offers as well as to inform their users about some latest information.

Encrypted messaging: For this feature, WhatsApp users can ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the communications as well as the files that they exchange. It is impossible for evil forces to get access to the pictures, videos and other files that you are exchanging with the recipients in person. Hence, these days, businesses are using this app to transit key business information and documents through this platform. Unless you are loosing the device or it is getting stolen, one would have access to the information that you are passing through this application

Reduces the cost of communication: As you would not require subscribing for any voice, data, or text plans for using this app, you can downsize the expenses in this regard, yet they can make the communications more extensive and far reaching. Thus, individual users can keep the telephone bills within the lowest extent. Business users, on the other hand, can significantly cut down the expenses they usually incur on business communications as well as for promotions and advertising purposes.

One of the great feature of this app is that the messages get looped. It implies, you can keep a track of the communication and you will not miss a single incoming message. The same mechanism will also make it easier to reply to the messages and hence, it will be right to say that it facilitates seamless communication.

A feature that appeals to the users is that they can set customized background for each communication. WhatsApp offers inexhaustible options in this regard that makes the choice simpler for the users.

Though this is primarily meant to serve instant messaging services, you can use WhatsApp to make voice calls to international locations. Similarly, you can exchange files in various formats with global users. Using this application, you can share photos, videos as well as movie clips with people in your contact list. It is for this feature that businesses across the world is using this app to exchange business documents with its stakeholders, across the world.

Why should you use WhatsApp?

You don’t have to pay anything for availing the services: The USP of this app is that it offers various features for text, data, and voice based communications, absolutely free of cost. Neither you will be asked to pay any amount for initiating the services, neither are there needs to pay any fees on an ongoing basis or to review your membership. Thus, you enjoy all the features absolutely free of cost.

WhatsApp is a lightweight app: Comparing this app with its closest alternatives, you will find that it is extremely light weight and hence, it takes the least storage space on your device. Hence, the users of this app never find the instances that the storage space getting exhausted shortly.

Easy to download and install: WhatsApp is extremely easy to download and install. You will not require subscribing for any account. You simply download the app and verify the number after which you are all set to use the app. On the other hand, the user interface is simple and hence, users of all ages and with all levels of technical skills can use the application.

Highest engagement with the recipients: As there are features to make calls and exchange files, you can boost the engagement with the recipients. Individual users can strengthen the bonding with their friends and relatives while the business users can connect closely with their existing and prospective customers. It is for the same feature of the app that businesses these days are forming communities for their users so that they can target their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Enormous user base across the world: This app has developed a user base that counts to few hundred millions and hence, it is a ready made market for businesses to promote their products, services and brands. Individuals can go one making new friends through the groups and keep connected to the each other. The communities of the users of this app will assist you in picking friends who hold the similar lines of interest.

The design of WhatsApp app has been made in a style that it is impossible for others to impersonate one. If one has to do that, they will need to have the device itself in their custody. This feature ensures the confidentiality as well as the privacy of the communication and the files exchanged.

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