Dinosaur Zoo app apk download

Dinosaur Zoo

15.0 for Android

by: itiw

A small zoo for dinosaurs in your pocket

  • Size 120.5MB
  • Version 15.0
  • Package com.tappocket.dinozoo
  • Developer itiw
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Role Playing
  • Added 2023-11-25

Dinosaur Zoo game description

Dino zoo allows you to build a virtual dino world with highest graphics quality on your device. It allows you to use different habitats, dino species, decors and build your dream Dino Zoo.

Cool features of Dino Zoo

1. Dino Zoo has high-quality graphic and retina compatible graphics.

2. It has 105 exciting dinos to unlock.

3. Users can unlock more dino species with new updates coming every day.

4. It has exciting cross-breedable dinos.

5. Dino Zoo allows you to breed dinos of same species as well as different species.

6. Users can add multiple Zoo for different habitats.

7. It allows you to collect money from visitors.

8. Users can play in any landscape orientation.

9. It allows you to move and rearrange your dinos, decor.

10. It allows you to play your own music while playing this game.

11. You can visit your friends Zoo.

12. It has auto screensaver mode if you keep it untouched for few seconds.

Why Play Dino Zoo?

Dino Zoo is a fun game that allows you to create a virtual zoo for your favorite dinosaurs. It is a unique game with various features. It can be played from anywhere and is a great way to pass extra time and relax.

Dinosaur Zoo Screenshots

Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 1Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 2Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 3Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 4Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 5Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 6Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 7Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 8Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 9Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 10Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 11Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 12Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 13Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 14Dinosaur Zoo Screenshot 15