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Driving School 2016

3.1 for Android

by: Ovidiu Pop

Learn To Drive A Car In A Fun Way With Dr. Driving School 2016 Game

  • Size 208.0MB
  • Version 3.1
  • Package com.ovilex.drivingschool2016
  • Developer Ovidiu Pop
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Racing
  • Added 2023-04-07

Driving School 2016 game description

Driving a car is more than often exciting for the people. It is absolutely why they try to find the best possible ways to drive. Also it is apparently why people must play the game of Dr. Driving School.

Driving School 2016 game is kind of a driving lesson for people, but then again it has all kinds of real life experiences with it. People can really learn driving with this game and also play this game in totality obviously.

People can make sure that they are getting all the necessary excitements of this game as well.

Features of Driving School 2016:

Maps: Dr. Driving School no wonder features the maps. There are around 10 exciting maps that one can choose from. All of these will no wonder open up to the best available locations for the people. It is absolutely why people can make sure that they are choosing this game of course.

Multiplayer: No matter whatever the situation is, this game is most definitely a multiplayer game. And thus one doesn’t have to get bored alone. They can take in a partner while playing this game. And enjoy the game in the best way possible of course.

Great graphics: The graphics of this game are really amazing and it is absolutely why people can make sure of one thing. They will never ever get bored and will rather enjoy this particular game in its best available mode no wonder.

Challenging levels:There are more than 50 levels that people can choose to play of course and this is one thing that will change almost everything.

Controller support: This is possibly one of the best features of this game that people can get. They can make sure that they are playing with the help of the controllers for the best results no wonder.

Free ride: There is a free ride mode available as well. And this will allow people to make sure that they are not missing on this game at all.

All these amazing features of this game makes it really very interesting for the people no wonder.

Driving School 2016 Screenshots

Driving School 2016 Screenshot 1Driving School 2016 Screenshot 2Driving School 2016 Screenshot 3Driving School 2016 Screenshot 4Driving School 2016 Screenshot 5Driving School 2016 Screenshot 6Driving School 2016 Screenshot 7Driving School 2016 Screenshot 8Driving School 2016 Screenshot 9Driving School 2016 Screenshot 10Driving School 2016 Screenshot 11Driving School 2016 Screenshot 12Driving School 2016 Screenshot 13Driving School 2016 Screenshot 14Driving School 2016 Screenshot 15Driving School 2016 Screenshot 16Driving School 2016 Screenshot 17Driving School 2016 Screenshot 18