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10.10.1 for Android

by: Social Quantum Ltd

Get To Build Your Own Virtual Cityscape Through Megabash

  • Size 157.6MB
  • Version 10.10.1
  • Package com.socialquantum.acityint
  • Developer Social Quantum Ltd
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Strategy
  • Added 2024-03-18

Megapolis game description

The best freemium world builder game for your android phone, Megapolis is surely the most looked for game today, by the masses. As per the name Megapolis, the game is all about building dream city-spaces or in other words an empire, amongst adjacent but not interconnected cities. With the background playing classic 90’s style music, the game has the graphical interface which further enriches the realistic game-play experience.

The graphic interface even has a classic touch to start-up with. Starting as a basic city block building, with beginners having nothing at first, it is followed by adding residential and commercial areas and selling off the same to earn virtual megabucks. This entire process is repeated one after another in the entire game-play.

Well, as per the critical challenges, not always do this city building is deemed possible if the optimum amount of megabucks/virtual money is not available with a gamer, this is again in relevance to the energy level, population level and water supply available to the inhabitants of the virtual world.

Features of Megapolis

Layout – The layout of the graphic interface is well designed and broad. This allows chances of minimum or no congestion during the time of game-play. At a glance nearly all information is available on the screen itself for the users to refer.

Stable – The overall databases of this game have proper stability, which restricts graphical overlapping.

Buddy Requests – This Megapolis game has a unique feature to send requests to strangers, in return earning incentives and megabucks. This further lets the game-play to continue.

With a dream of building his/her own city, a gamer should try Megabash to have the best experience.

Megapolis Screenshots

Megapolis Screenshot 1Megapolis Screenshot 2Megapolis Screenshot 3Megapolis Screenshot 4Megapolis Screenshot 5Megapolis Screenshot 6Megapolis Screenshot 7Megapolis Screenshot 8Megapolis Screenshot 9Megapolis Screenshot 10Megapolis Screenshot 11Megapolis Screenshot 12Megapolis Screenshot 13Megapolis Screenshot 14Megapolis Screenshot 15Megapolis Screenshot 16Megapolis Screenshot 17

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