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Pokémon GO

0.307.1 for Android

by: Niantic, Inc.

Get outside and catch every Pokemon

  • Size 133.8MB
  • Version 0.307.1
  • Package com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
  • Developer Niantic, Inc.
  • Requirment Android 9.0+
  • Category Adventure
  • Added 2024-03-30

Pokémon GO game description

Pokemon Go is free to play and location based augmented reality game which is developed for Android and iOS devices by Niantic. The game is regarded as the result of collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic by The Pokemon Company. The game was released initially in the year of 2016 in few selected countries. Players make use of GPS ability of a mobile phone for locating, capturing, battling and training virtual creations known as Pokemon who appear on screen like same real world location. The Pokemon Go game is known to support in-app purchases for the objective of additional in-game products.

The game was credited with renowned augmented reality and location-based technology, promotion of physical activities and assist the growth of local businesses owing to enhanced foot traffic. It also allured controversies for the contribution of accidents and players behaving public at few locations. Different Governments expressed concerns regarding the security of the game.

Features of the Pokemon Go game

Here is a list of some of the features of Pokemon Go.

After the establishment of the Pokemon Go game account, players are capable of creating as well as customizing their own avatars. After creation, the avatar is displayed on the map on the basis of the geographical location of the player. Features on the map are inclusive of Pokemon gyms, Pokestops.

Pokemon gyms and PokéStops
PokéStops confer players with products such as Poke balls, portions, and berries. They are equipped with the idea of products known as lure modules which allure additional wild and rarely Pokemon. Gyms are known to serve as Battle locations for the purpose of the king of the hill matches which are team based. Pokemon gyms and Pokestops are nestled at places of interest. The locations are recognized to be re-purposed portals from Ingress which is the previous augmented reality game of Niantic. This led to the placement of Pokemon gyms and Pokestops at inconvenient and dangerous locations.

Augmented Reality mode
With the movement of players within real world surroundings, there is a movement of avatars within the map of the game. Various Pokemon species are known to reside in various areas across the globe. For instance, water type Pokemon can be found near water usually. As the player faces a Pokemon, it is viewed in a live rendered and generic background or AR or augmented reality mode. AR mode makes use of gyroscope and camera present on phone of player for displaying image of Pokemon like in the real world. It is possible for players to take screenshots of Pokemon Go which are encountered either without or with the activation of AR mode.

Contrary to other installments of Pokemon Go series, players of the Pokemon Go game do not go for war with Pokemon with an eye to capturing them. At the time of encounter with Wild Pokemon, it is possible for players to throw Poke Ball at the same by flicking the same from the bottom of the screen towards the Pokemon in the upward direction. As the Pokemon is caught in a successful manner, it will be under the ownership of the specific player. Factors in the success rate of capture are inclusive of capture rate of Pokemon, the kind, and timing of Pokeball which is used.

After a wild Pokemon is caught by the player, there is a reward which comes in the form of in-game currencies of two types which are inclusive of candies as well as stardust. The candies which are awarded by successful catch is dependent on the evolutionary chain to which Pokemon belongs to. A player may use candies and stardust for raising CP or combat power of Pokemon. Only candies are a prerequisite for the evolving of Pokemon. Every evolution tree comes with candy of its own kind which can be used for evolving or leveling up. The players have the capability of transferring the Pokemon back to Pokemon professor for earning one more candy as well as for the creation of room for additional Pokemon. The ultimate objective of the game is the completion of entries in Pokedex. Pokedex is recognized to be a comprehensive Pokémon encyclopedia by the evolution and capture for procuring the original 151 Pokemon.Though the game can be played at absolutely free of charge, it is well renowned for supporting in-app purchases where players are capable of purchasing extra Poke balls as well as other in-Pokemon Go game products. These products are inclusive of incense which allure Pokemon to you, while you move for the time duration of 30 minutes, lucky eggs that confer double experience points which will be gained post the time duration of 30 minutes, lure modules for alluring Pokemon to a fixed location. The Pokemon are known to be displayed with the aid of combat power. The combat power of Pokemon is recognized to be a rough estimation of how powerful a Pokemon is in a battle. With the rise of players in higher levels, they can catch Pokemon with higher CP.

Buddy Pokémon
Buddy Pokémon is another feature of Niantic which let players pick one Pokemon for appearing beside them on the profile screen and procuring bonuses and in-game rewards in accordance with Chosen Pokemon Go.

Why to play Pokemon Go game

Pokemon Go is one of the well-renowned game which is common among gamers. You are sure to procure great joy while playing the game. You do not need to sit idle, instead, you can enjoy by playing the game.

Pokémon GO Screenshots

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