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6.2412.0-arm64-v8a for Android

by: Dashlane

Never lose another password

  • Size 25.9MB
  • Version 6.2412.0-arm64-v8a
  • Package com.dashlane
  • Developer Dashlane
  • Requirment Android 8.0+
  • Category Productivity
  • Added 2024-03-18

Dashlane app description

Dashlane free password manager allows you to store, organize, secure passwords and ensures safety. Various encryption secure your sensitive files and is one of the best apps to protect your privacy. Using dashlane premium to get priority user support and instantly sync all your devices and keep your passwords up to date.

Features of Dashlane Free Password Manager

Dashlane Free Password Manager strong passwords and store them is safe vaults.

Generate unique new passwords and one-time passwords using dashlane password generator to secure your accounts.

Manage security codes using security notes and share passwords safely.

Secure your mobile wallets and your credit card payments.

Use Dashlane free password manager vault security to secure passports, identification and various other sensitive information in your wallet.

Use secure clues to back up your credit card wallet and passwords.

Using one master password access all your private information and search for passwords in password history to never lose one.

Create new passwords regularly and auto-fill passwords in various apps and websites on just a few seconds.

Use fingerprint lock on important and sensitive files which only you can access.

Get secured with the famous AES-256 encryption method, no one knows to hack this encryption.

Login securely on various apps and websites. Dashlane security vaults do not save copies of passwords.

Only you have access to your own password vault. It is also compatible with google authenticator.

Dashlane free password manager is updated regularly with new features and improvements for a rich user experience.

Why use Dashlane Free Password Manager?

By using Dashlane free password manager you can never forget a password. It helps you to organize and store your passwords in encrypted vaults that ensure maximum safety. It is a featured productivity app and has an innovative user interface and is easy to use.

Dashlane Screenshots

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