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ES File Explorer File Manager for Android

by: ES Global

Manage All Files Through ES File Explorer

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  • Requirment Android 4.4+
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  • Added 2024-03-18

ES File Explorer File Manager app description

Among the android file explorers, ES File Explorer is truly awesome for android smartphone. Being the most downloaded file explorer app from Google Play Store, ES file explorer much more than just a file explorer. Some tricks and tips are there that make it safe and highly effective. Many of the users don't know about these kinds of ideas. Apart from using normally just as a file explorer, with the help of these tricks, you can do more things.

Top 8 Features Of Es File Explorer

Following are some tricks of ES File Explorer that can be used on Android Phone.

Wireless Transfer Of Android Files to PC from FTP

ES File Explorer has cool gestures with this specific feature where FTP server can be made on Android smartphone. ES File Explorer allows to access all files of SD CARD from PC in File Explorer or the particular Web Browser. FTP server also gives you the power to copy and paste files, that too without data cable or wires.

Besides, with this es file explorer feature, connection with any FTP network can be established. Website access becomes easy. In case you're operating Linux computer, you need to run commands and fetch access over all directories from smartphone.

Network Access Of Computer Drives and Files from Android

This cool feature works much like LAN. It permits to get access wirelessly over all computer files from smartphone. Fetching PC files creates necessity of doing some LAN and also the File Share Settings.

Get access to Major Cloud Services by ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer can also get entry of all cloud platform from android. That too without installing any kind of other android apps from playstore. ES File Explorer allows to check and access your Google Drive,Dropbox, and also Box and Skydrive Data in smartphone. Don't forget to backup the data on Android.

ES Application and Task Manager

ES File Explorer is an application of system manager. With the help of this app, all the system apps can be controlled. ES File Explorer controls many more things. Procedures like Cache Cleaner,Task Killer, Startup Manager and many more things can be used in this app.

Bluetooth File Browser

Any android phone which supports Bluetooth manager or file browsing system can be accessed by ES file explorer. So this is helpful and this feature allows you to access other smartphone with android OS remotely.

Root Explorer – Access All System Files

ES File explorer controls edit system of root files. For many reasons, you might need to change or edit and delete some system files. This feature is quite unique and ES file explorer helps in doing this.

Can Compress and Extract Files

ES File explorer also acts as file compressor and extractor. It is easy to extract .zip and .rar files with this app. Moreover, it allows you to compress all image files into one compressed file for portability and easy transfer.

Use ES File Manager as Web Browser

Usually, smartphones with android version comes with chrome as browser choice. Many people downloadbother web browsers for easy page opening etc. With es file explorer , you can open web pages. If your main browser of your phone is not working properly for some reason, you can try ES File. It acts as temporary solution for web browser. Google,Facebook, Instagram, news portals can be opened smoothly on this.

So you can see there are so many utilities for ES file explorer. As a manager of android smartphones, ES file explorer is the best option. This Manager can also work as a download manager. Hence for all this tricks and usefulness, you can download it free from Appdodo.Com