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LinkedIn app description

LinkedIn contributes to being the largest professional social networking website. It confers ways for connecting with professionals and assists in staying connected with millions of users. LinkedIn is used strictly for the exchange of ideas, knowledge as well as employment opportunities. This social networking profile is recognized to be an amazing tool to help individuals in expanding networks as well as finding jobs in the specific field. It is known to be a professional option for the promotion of personal brands online. It is considered to be one of the first websites by which you can establish your online pressure as well as connect with professionals.

LinkedIn is also regarded as a visual and dynamic version of your curriculum vitae. It is possible to include traditional professional information which is inclusive of education, graduation date, college awards, work experience, hobbies, and clubs. In lieu of just updating the information, this website lets you expand each and every point. It is possible to share specific projects, a brochure which is designed for non-profit purposes. LinkedIn has also gained high popularity for the inclusion of recommendations and references.

Features of LinkedIn

Here is a list of the basic features which is offered by LinkedIn and how they have been designed for use by professionals:

The profile displays photo, name, occupation, location. You will be capable of customizing different sections such as work experience, short summary, education as well as other sections for showing how you can create a traditional CV.

The home happens to be a news feed which shows recent posts from connections with company pages as well as professionals, you are following.

My Network
You will be successful in finding a catalog of professionals with whom you are connecting currently on LinkedIn. In case you place the mouse over the option in the top menu, you will be successful to view a number of options which let you add contacts and find people which you may find and know alumni.

Apart from connecting with various professionals, it is possible to follow specific interests on LinkedIn. These are inclusive of groups, company pages in accordance with an interest or location. The slide share platform of LinkedIn is for the purpose of slideshow publishing whereas the Lynda platform is for educational purposes.

A wide variety of jobs vacancies is posted on LinkedIn on a regular basis by employers. LinkedIn will confer recommendations of specific jobs on the basis of current information which is inclusive of your location as well as job preferences which you fill out for procuring better-tailored job listings.

Search bar
LinkedIn comes with a powerful search feature, known as the search bar which lets you filter the results down in accordance with a various customizable field. You can click advanced present beside the search bar for finding specific professionals, jobs, companies and much more.

Like other social networks, LinkedIn comes with notification features which help in knowing when someone endorses you, invites for joining something or welcome for checking a post in which you might be interested.

When you are willing to start a conversion with other professionals. you can do the same by sending a private message via LinkedIn. It is possible to add attachments such as photos and much more.

Pending Invitations
When professionals send an invitation to you for connecting with them on LinkedIn, you will procure an invitation which you need to approve.These are recognized to be the primary features which you notice while staying on LinkedIn. You can avail more information about the networking website by exploring it on your own. You may also used Business Services of LinkedIn which let users post jobs, take benefits of talents, advertising on the social networking platform, enhance the sales strategies for the inclusion of social sales on LinkedIn.

Why should you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is used for a number of reasons which are mentioned below:

Getting back in touch with old colleagues
You can make use of My Network Section for finding teachers, old colleagues, people with whom you went to schools and colleges and any person you may consider worth to be included in the professional network. You need to enter as well as connect the email with an eye to synchronize contacts with Linked/The LinkedIn profile is essentially the representation of an interactive and complete resume. This can be included as a link in email or cover letter while applying for jobs. It is possible to include the same in a cover letter or email while applying to jobs. Some websites let you apply for jobs and allow you for connecting the LinkedIn profile for importing different details.

Finding and applying to jobs
You need to keep in mind that LinkedIn contributes to being one of the best places for looking forward to job postings online. You will receive recommendations from LinkedIn about different jobs which may interest you. You can make use of the search bar for looking for specific positions as well.

Finding and connecting with professionals
It is amazing to get in touch with older colleagues with the aid of this social networking website. This website lets you connect with a number of people at a current workplace or whoever is on LinkedIn. You procure opportunities for discovering professionals either internationally or locally.

Participating in relevant groups
You can connect with groups in accordance with your interests in LinkedIn.

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