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14.0.1.Prime for Android

by: Xender File Sharing Team

The master application for file transfer

  • Size 28.0MB
  • Version 14.0.1.Prime
  • Package cn.xender
  • Developer Xender File Sharing Team
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-18

Xender app description

Xender is one of the top applications for your file transfer, mobile to mobile easily in a more convenient way. This is the application that can transfer your files at a havoc speed, and that is well better than Bluetooth because it uses advanced technology Wireless Fidelity popularly known as Wifi. The tool is extremely lightweight but is perfect to give you tremendous support at all levels. Outstanding features of Xender make it one of the tops downloaded products from the app store, and it is the choice of almost all the Smartphone users.

Xender enables you to transfer files without doing your data service on and your Bluetooth on. However, the application is not confined to transferring of video or audio images. There are lots of features and functionality in the app, which puts it on the featured list of Appdodo.com.

Features of Xender

Here is a list of the features that Xender is having.

This is the app that will allow you to send or receive files from other smartphones in a flash. The speed that you will find in Xender the application file transfer is near to 10MB/ Second. So it is quite higher than a regular Bluetooth transfer.

The most important feature that you will get in the file transfer is - there is no restriction of file types. You can transfer common files like images, videos, and even some audios. Document files in the different format can also be transferred, and the most exciting area here in the application is the app transfer. Share any app that you are having with other Smartphone. Thus, there is no limitation of file transfer through the application - send all file types in a flash.

The third amazing feature in the application is the file size that you are transferring. It can be simply anything. There is no binding, whatsoever in the file size that you are transferring. Send files of unlimited size, till then when the Smartphone has space inside. So, start working on Xender right now. You will feel a significant support for yourself.

There is no need for any data connection or Bluetooth connection in the device. If your data is on, the app will recommend you to make it off, so that it can create a virtual Wi-Fi connection for file transfer. This is the mechanism that controls Xender.

No, data connection and no USB cable - this is the operation style of the application. Just use your phone battery - no other resources are needed for the application in the completion of your desired task.

There are practically endless features in Xender that are going to make your things arranged and well displayed. You can view your transferred or received files from the app itself, organized there naturally. Listen to the music files or watch the videos through the player, attached with the Zender. You can also arrange them manually. Install apps from the application itself, organize them and make them arranged.

Xender file sharing app has not limited its use with any single operating system as it works with almost all operating system like Android, Tizen, Windows, and IOS. User can transfer between any of the Operating system listed above.

Now Xender has launched its integration with the popular music app Hungama. User can now Play, Download and Share music with ease.

Finally, this is the tool that is going to support you in cross-functional activity too. Transfer your files from Android to Windows or IOS - there is no application in the entire store that has this feature enabled in it.

Why use Xender for file sharing?

Getting files or apps that your friend is having and sending files to him/her is very much common. Why will you spend data for that file transfer, why to activate, wait and search Bluetooth on the device? There are endless things that you will have to do there - connect the device, making the device discoverable. Stop those settings and make it simple for you. Just open the application page, select the files and send them to the device. Arrange the received files from the application itself.

Xender Screenshots

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