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DU Battery Saver for Android


The World’s No.1 Android Battery Saving App

  • Size 6.3MB
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  • Package com.dianxinos.dxbs
  • Requirment Android 2.3.2+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-18

DU Battery Saver app description

DU Battery Saver contributes to being trouble free application which is beneficial in saving the battery for your android phones. It comes with 5 different power modes. It is possible to opt for a mode which is suited for the usage of your battery power. DU Battery Saver is possible to create your own mode in accordance with your requirements.

It also helps the healthy charging manager for tracking and executing healthy charging practices for making the battery perform in a perfect way. It comes with an accurate status feature which confers the prerequisite information about the remaining charging time of the battery.

Features Of DU Battery Saver

In addition to this, several advanced saving features have been introduced in this application which is inclusive of:

DU Aurora Engine

DU Aurora Engine happens to be a newly added advanced saving feature present in DU Battery Saver App. It has the capability of scanning and closing the background running applications in an automated manner. In addition to this, it is beneficial in saving more than 60% of the power of android phones. If you do not want to allow it for closing a specific application, it is possible to add that application in the protection list.

More than 80% of the applications of your android device consume battery power. For stopping this behavior, advanced saving feature of the application makes use of DU Aurora Engine as the crucial part. This will assist in saving power to more than 60%.

Notification Saving
For stopping the power consuming applications which reside on the notification bar, a new feature has been integrated with the aid of DU Battery saver application. It will be sending the notifications in the background for preventing apps to drain your battery life. It is possible to enable this fresh notification feature at absolutely free of cost as it is capable of saving more than 20% of the battery power of android. Apart from saving the battery life of your android phone, the Notification Saving feature is helpful in slashing the noise.

Phone cooler
Opening too many applications may result in heating the phone. Phone cooler is beneficial in monitoring the temperature changes of the monitor, detecting the problem apps and starting a cooling procedure which will reduce the temperature of the phone in an effective manner.

Switches and Widgets
DU Battery Saver comes with switch widget which will be beneficial in instances where you are willing to manage connectivity features like Bluetooth, mobile data from home screen of your phone. This feature is however not available in Moto G.

Battery Stats
The starting page or home page of DU Battery saver comprises of several pieces of information about the battery. It is also possible to check the flow of the temperature, battery charge, battery technology and voltage with the aid of this application. The optimize button displays are running applications which can be paused at that moment without any issue.

Why you should use DU Battery saver?

If you are on the search for an amazing power manager which will be running perfectly on android devices, you may install DU battery saver app. As you install this application, you do not need to worry anymore about the apps which are consuming battery in the background along with unnecessary notifications at the same time.

DU Battery Saver Screenshots

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