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Microsoft OneDrive

6.83 (Beta 2) for Android

by: Microsoft Corporation

One Place for all your Work Files

  • Size 85.4MB
  • Version 6.83 (Beta 2)
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  • Developer Microsoft Corporation
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Productivity
  • Added 2023-06-24

Microsoft OneDrive app description

One drive happens to be the new name for the online storage of Microsoft. It was known as Skydrive previously. In accordance with Microsoft, the name OneDrive aligns in a better way with the vision of having something in the right place. A number of people are using One Drive for business in their daily activities. It is tempting to view it no time as a secure place for saving your documents at ease.

Features of OneDrive

It is possible to synchronize all the files of all devices.

Deep integration with Windows 8 or any other operating system- this assists in viewing all the files on the computer and download them as and when you require them.

Editing office documents online with the aid of free basic versions of PowerPoint, word, and excel.

It is possible to keep office documents in synchronization in an automated way in office 2013.

OneDrive is inclusive of advanced photo features along with support in order to view metadata.

Why you should use OneDrive?

Here are the top reasons why you should use this application:

Saving a backup copy of the files in an automatic way
You do not worry about the security of documents anymore owing to computer theft or failure of hard disks. As you download the Onedrive app on the computer, pictures, videos, and other documents get saved into the folders of one drive which will be synchronized to the cloud in an automatic manner. Thus, your necessary documents will get saved on servers in a secure data center which is managed by Mircosoft. This application can be availed for windows, android, iPads, Windows tablets, android phones.

Accessing your files from anywhere
As you have a copy of the files on the web, you just require a Microsoft account along with the login credentials. This enables you in accessing them anywhere from any device. As long as you possess an internet connection along with a device and the browser, you are good to go. It is possible to browse the computer from any room by opening a web browser and login into the OneDrive account.

Switching between different devices at ease
Apart from saving files to OneDrive, it is also possible to use OneDrive for saving computer settings of windows 8 so that you can switch between different devices at ease. For instance, you have two different laptops, one of which you use at home whereas you carry the other while going out. Whatever device you are using, you may log in to the surface or heavy laptop and access all the files. You are not losing any time. You can start working immediately from where you left off without losing any time.

Share files with whoever you want at any point of time
OneDrive application plays an integral role in sharing pictures, documents, and videos with others in no time. You will be the one to decide who should get access to the documents, what they will do with them. You can allow them only to view or edit the files. At any point in time, you may restrict the access and make it only to view mode. If you are willing to share some documents with your colleagues or share pictures with family from phones, you should be selecting the folder and click the share button after which you can enter the email address of the person you are willing to share with. There are no requirements for the people you are willing to share; they only require sharing the link for accessing the files.