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A New Dimension To Video Calling

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Skype app description

Skype is nothing but an App from Microsoft based on instant video calls, messaging, voice call and conference calling facility. Skype is much more than simple web chatting. This app allows us to exchange any kind of messages be it a text or a video. Exchanging different documents is also possible by this app. Skype is an app that is universally used in corporate sectors for video calling and conference calling to get on with interviews or meetings happening abroad.

The Skype app allows people to call in landline and mobile number along with other Skype accounts. The app is available mostly free of cost from Appdodo of your android mobile. But if you require services like calling in landlines then it calls for monthly or yearly subscription fees. Users can avail Skype-to-Skype calls free of cost. To get on with the application you need to download the app from play store and use the instant message service in the app to text friend on Skype. You need a webcam to avail a video calling service and to have any kind of conversation a microphone is mandate. They payment mode for a yearly subscription and for the mobi9le and landline call charges are usually made through a pay option call Skype credit. Skype Credit requires you to make payment by credit or debit cards.

Features of Skype that makes it so important:

The Skype provides us with many important features that make it more in demand. The features are applicable for both paid and free calling facilities, for messaging, sharing the screen etc. The List of features can be complied as below:

The free Instant message sending feature and the backup-
Skype offers users with instant messaging services to user. A user can send text, voice or video messages instantly to any other user of Skype profile existing in the host’s list of contact. The messages sent on Skype are delivered to the recipient only when they are online. The application is so set that it keeps synchronizing the list of contacts for chat as and when the user goes online and adds a new contact to his list. The features for messaging :

The History of Chat –
Skype app maintains a cloud history for all the chat messages sent and received by a user till 30 days. This means that one can access the history from any devices he chooses to use. One just needs to log in.

Easy formatting and emoticons –
Skype app comes with around 254 various emoticons. The process of formatting and stopping a process of formatting is also very easy. The entire process of formatting and turning it down is based on simple commands.

Easy to Quote-
the Skype app users can easily take quotes from different place and use them while chatting. If you choose to quote it will reflect the origin with the name of quote sender and the time of the sent quote.

The paid Skype Call –
Mobile or Landline calls – The credit facility of Skype, called the subscription allows a Skype app user to call on mobile and landlines number easy with little payment. The basic features for paid calls:

The paid calls for outgoing-
The Skypeout feature of the app allows the user to call on any mobile or landline numbers in a very low rate based on monthly subscription. This account is temporarily deactivated if not used for 180 days.

Unlimited prepaid calling –
The subscription plan called SkypePro provides with an unlimited plan for outgoing calls against monthly subscription.

The Incoming Call feature –
Similar to outgoing calls a Skype user can receive calls from mobiles on their Skype number. This is the SkypeIn facility.

The Premium Skype Feature -
This is a premium facility that provides bundle of services – video calling in group, sharing Skype screen with a maximum of 10 people, calling with subscription, instant message sending etc.

Voicemail -
Skype users with upgraded apps get the facility to sending voicemails to other Skype accounts.

The click to call feature –
It makes Skype call more easy with simple one touch technology.

Access to hotspot -
Now Skype can work on hotspot wireless network connection. Call with Wi-Fi from other phones.

How to use Skype?

Using the Skype app is a very easy task and follows the below simple steps-

Download Skype from the Appdodo of your iOS or Android Smartphone and install the same in your phone.

Select the latest version of the application while downloading.

Set up an account with user name and password to begin.

Select the paid and unpaid subscription option.

Make a list of Skype friends.

Once your list is ready start making Skype-to-Skype calls.