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2024.03.24.619243025.Release for Android

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The Email Service By Google Used For Daily Life

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Gmail app description

Gmail is nothing but a Google developed email application service, supported by advertising. This is our regular mail system that we use for any kind of conversation and sending any information to people. Google not only provides email services via Gmail but also allocated memory for the user to store the mail conversation and attachments. If you are looking for any specific topic of message or messages from a specific sender it is easy to find out by using the simple search option. Gmail helps you to create different folders against different user and segregate them based on their importance.

Features Of Gmail:

Why is Gmail service preferred over many other email providers? The reason behind this is the features of Gmail that makes it so special:

1. Gmail provides the user with a huge amount of memory of for storage of mails. The count of storage is around 12GB per mail id. So that means you don’t really need to erase off old mails.

2. Helps the user to track mails by searching them with the name of sender or any word from the subject line

3. Gmail allows the users to make each mail as per their importance and also select the starred ones as in a favourite column.

4. Gmail is not all about email, but more than that. Gmail has developed in a chatting site as well. The Gtalk facility of Gmail chat box is similar to any instant messaging site. The hangout application of Gmail is yet another form of Chat box that people can use for chatting, voice calling and video calling.

5. Google is so made that one can choose different mails and delete them all at once.

6. Google has the trash system to store all deleted message for a certain period of time. This helps to trace back deleted mails if any important one had been erased by mistake.

7. One very important feature pouf the Gmail services is the security. Gmail has come up with a 2 point verification system that requires one user to sign up into a Gmail account with a user id password and a phone number. The user id password is the first point of verification. If you cross the 1st verification point the site directs you to the 2nd verification, wherein an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. This gives full security to your mail id as the same remains OTP protected.

8. The Gmail is programmed in such a way that it detects any malware mail and directs it straight away to the spam folder so that you don’t encounter any virus attack while you open a mail.

9. Gmail gives the user a reminder to attach items, if mentioned in mail and forgotten.

10. Gmail allows the user to set an automated reply mode in the mail system when he is not using it or have gone for a vacation.

11. You can maintain more than one Gmail account for yourself; Google will provide you with different user names.

12. It is easy to convert Gmail mails into a PDF format or send the mail for printing.

13. One can export Gmail contacts by synchronizing the phone.

How to use Gmail:

Using Gmail is probably the easiest job one can do. You just need to sign up for an account. Set your user name password and choose the security option you like to have. Your account gets instant ready for use. Drop in mail from your account to any mail id and keep receiving more mails. Communication is very simple.

Gmail Screenshots

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