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3.5.3cn for Android

by: DoMobile Lab

AppLock- the best application you secure the safety of your device

  • Size 13.7MB
  • Version 3.5.3cn
  • Package com.domobile.applock
  • Developer DoMobile Lab
  • Requirment Android 4.1+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2023-04-07

AppLock app description

AppLock is an application that will enable you to secure the safety and the confidentiality of the files, information and other applications, stored on your device.

Using AppLock you can allow other users to access your phone, without letting them see those areas that you will not like to share with them. A high-functional app that can ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the information on your phone.

The reviews of this application come extremely positive that makes the app worthy of the choice.

AppLock Features:

When you access the application for the first time, it will prompt you for making a pattern and setting up your email. Once the configurations are made for the unlocking pattern, you get carried to the prime screen that will be listing all the apps that you can lock out. You will simply require clicking the app that you want to lock. Thus, with a few clicks, you can ensure the security of the apps.

A gallant feature of this app is that it enables you to lock the applications individually. Likewise, you can use the Videos and photos, using this app. Thus, even if you are allowing others to access your phone, you will not require compromising on the aspect of safety, security and privacy of your files and applications.

AppLock offers you chances for different locking profiles. For instance, you can opt for the Time lock and the location lock features.

So far the patterns of locking profile is concerned, you can opt for the numeric locking feature that will secure the safety of the device and its content. The app will serve you a random keyboard for the numbers that will enable you to fix some unique and exclusive features, each time you are setting up a number lock. Hence, even if someone oversees that code, the person will not be able to break the code as the combination changes each time.

Another wonderful feature of this app is that it allows you to set different profiles for different scenarios. This will enable the users to set profiles for the home, kid, guests, as well as for other instances. You will have the liberty of customizing the profile that will allow others to access only the apps that you want them to access. The app enables the users to develop Home shortcuts that enable them to activate the profiles, simply by clicking and providing the password.

AppLock users get the chances to activate specific profiles at specific times as well as locations. Hence, if you are using on Work, you can set the Work profile for the duration of the office hours, after which it will automatically switch to the other profiles. A challenge that comes up in this regard is that as there is no provision for deactivation time, the existing profile will continue unless the next time lock is coming up.

As the location lock feature functions without the Wi-Fi, as the phone hooks to specific networks, it will automatically lock to the specific profiles.

AppLock will enable you to lock the pictures and videos at a go. This will enhance the extent of security standing.

The mechanism has been designed in a style that you can fix up some unique security questions and hence, it will be impossible for others to access the phone, surpassing you.

A point to appreciate about this application is that it is highly power efficient. The app works on the power-saving mode that will enable you to escape the instances of power draining at a massive pace, as usually happens with the other mobile applications.

Why should you use AppLock?

The first and foremost factor for which you should opt for this app is that it enables you to secure the safety of the device as well as ensure the confidentiality of the data stored in the device. Then you get the facility to pick the feature that suits to your needs the most. Thus, opting for this application, you can get the most suitable solutions to meet your needs and requirements. This is one of the factors that you can account beyond the popularity of this application.

The application has got mechanisms to retain the confidentiality of the personal pictures, videos, and documents, by placing it in dedicated vaults. Likewise, you can use the Fake covers as well as the customized backgrounds that suits to your needs and requirements. However, to avail these features, you need to opt for the premium version of the application that comes to the minimum cost.

In addition to the premium version, this app is available in the basic version that you can download for free. Speaking about downloads, it takes the minimum effort and time to complete the download and installation actions. As a matter of fact, these activities will not take more than a couple of minutes or two.

Another factor that boosts the demand for AppLock app is its user-friendliness. For this reason, users, irrespective of their ages and technical skills can use the application to secure the device as well as retain the privacy of the data stored in the device. The entire mechanism works on a few clicks and finger tapping and hence, at no point of time, you will interface issues with the functionality of the app. Thus, the demand of the application is rising at a massive pace with the passage of time.

While using the applications, a problem that the majority of the users record is that the apps pave the way for power drainage at a massive pace. Using this application, you will make a different experience. The app developer DoMobile Lab has done a wonderful task to make the application power efficient so that it functions with the minimum power consumption. Hence, users of this application will never experience the instances that the app consuming the power and the phone getting switched off at critical times. Thus, you will not have to keep on charging the device from time to time.

Videos, photos and other files enable you to preserve the sweet memories and hence, these resources deserve your attention and consideration. With that said, the AppLock application is the most effective tool to ensure the privacy of these resources. An application that is high-functional as well as simple to use, AppLock will surely win your heart. The reviews of this application being positive, will give you the confidence to start its usage with reliance and trust. An application that is being presently used by millions of people across the globe, it is definitely worthy of your trust.

Users love AppLock app as it is extremely user-friendly and it allows switching between the locks at a massive pace. Users can opt for different types of themes that suits to heir needs and requirements. Considering the features and attributes of the application discussed above, AppLock can be said that it is the best application that you can opt for securing your phone and taking care of the privacy and confidentiality of the data stored in your device.

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