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by: 9apps Inc.

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  • Size 7.3MB
  • Version
  • Package com.mobile.indiapp
  • Developer 9apps Inc.
  • Requirment Android 4.1+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-30

9Apps app description

9Apps is one of the many app distribution store available for the Android operating system. Started by the Alibaba group in China, the app platform, after its introduction, quickly become one of the most popular third-party app stores in many countries such as India, Russia, and Indonesia.

9Apps, being an app store itself is not available on Google Play and must be separately downloaded and installed. Once installed, you can get all the advantages that you can expect from the third-party app store.

How to Download and Install 9Apps?

Getting started with 9Apps is simple, you need to download the APK or the application package and install it on your Android device. The application package can be acquired from here by clicking on download button. However, if you want to install the package on your Android phone, you need to make sure that you have side loading apps turned on in your phone settings.

For that, you need to go into settings and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. This setting may vary between devices. So, you need to check with your device manufacturer and the version of Android OS that you are using.

Once you have the APK file, you can easily browse that using a file manager and open it. A prompt will ask for your confirmation. Once confirmed, 9Apps will install on Android. You will see an icon on your launcher. You can now tap on the 9Apps icon to start the store.

Services Offered by 9apps:

9Apps, being a software distribution platform must cater both developer and customers. 9Apps, besides being an app distribution platform, also allows monetization opportunities for developers and easy access to all apps for end users.

Powered by the UC Open Platform: The UC Open platform is an integrated set of mobile services that are being offered via a set of products. The UC Open Platform also includes the flagship browser app, called the UC Browser. 9Apps is a part of the same ecosystem that includes the game and distribution platform.

This system allows integrated advertising, monetization and app performance statistics, all under one roof. The developer can see the performance of their apps, as well as the overall trends of the 9App app distribution platform.

Developers who are launching games using the 9Apps store can also use their gaming network, called 9Game. This will allow people to compete in multiplayer games. This will bring more revenue to the developer too.

User focused features of 9apps:

The 9Apps platform features multiple options that make it a great app store for any user. Even if, as a user, you are using Google Play or Amazon App Store as your primary app distribution platform on your Android device, with 9Apps for Android, you will get a ton of features that you will absolutely love.

Small Size: The app store itself is very small in size. The size is less than a megabyte. This is in contrast to the tens and hundreds of megabytes that Google Play Store acquires on your system, and also stores the application packages that it downloads.

A lot of Android devices are often short on space. 9Apps is a better option when it comes to downloading and installing apps when your device is low on space. Not only it is small itself but is also does not hoard the application packages once the install is done.

Data compression saves more data: 9Apps store comes with a nifty data compression feature. This allows the user to save on data as the phone will actually download files that are smaller than the original uncompressed application packages. The compressed packages are then extracted on the device, and after the application is installed, the temporary files are cleared.

The Data compression is also an important part of UC Browser – the browser that belongs to the UC Open Platform – the same platform powering 9Apps.

Huge selection of apps and content: 9Apps contain apps that are often removed from other app stores. It also allows you to access apps that are not available in your region via other app stores. You also get all the essential official apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Uber and more. You will also get games, wallpaper, stickers and ringtones from the store.

9Apps also offers coupons and discounts by partnering with other companies such as Uber and Amazon. You can download and use 9Apps to get cashback offers and discounts on other products and services that you may use on a daily basis.

Comprehensive Download Manager: 9Apps for Android comes with a better download manager than Google Play. A download manager allows you to queue your downloads, pause them or resume them. It provide you with faster downloads using their content delivery networks.

You will connect to the 9App mirror server based on your geographical location so that you get the fastest download speeds. Even when you are on slow disruptive connections, your downloads will not reset even if your connections go offline. 9Apps support pausing and resuming downloads. This is particularly helpful when you are downloading a large app from the store.

Personalized Content: All users using 9Apps need to sign up and have an account to download and install apps. You can access your download history, have content personalized based on your previous downloads and what you search for on the store. This allows you to find relevant apps faster.

Get older versions of apps too: One of the most important features is that they allow users to download older versions of apps. This is a feature completely absent in first-party app stores, which always upgrade your apps to the newest version.

In many cases, the newer version of an app may have a bug or an incomplete feature. This makes the app completely or partially malfunctions. On first -party stores, like Google Play, you cannot easily revert back to the older version. Moreover, once you have the older version, you will also be automatically updated to the newer version if you have auto-updates turned on. You cannot turn it off for individual apps.

However, thanks to 9Apps, you can browse all the previous versions of the app and download it.

Developer Friendly:

9Apps is developer friendly. They provide comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, as well as well-documented and easy to use SDKs for integration of 9Apps services into the app. Developer specific support for 9Apps includes integration guidance, testing, technical support for different locales and even financial consultancy. The InDev program aims to support small and medium indie developers.

The platform itself is huge. It is at par with Google Play store. It has 200+ million monthly users and over 35 million apps downloaded each day. Also, unlike Google Play, it does not come with such restrictions on the region. This will allow the developer to distribute the app to many more countries and many more users.

To publish an app in a store, the developer also needs to pay the app store some amount to host and promote the app. it is one of the most cost-effective app distribution platforms that are out there at the moment, even more than Google Play.

This app also offer flexible policies to accommodate the different requirements from different developers. These also include partnership programs with partners and developers, app branding promotion and more.

How to use 9apps?

Using 9apps is quite an easy task as compared to other third-party app stores out in the market because of the fact that developers of 9apps had focused mainly on the user interface. They had provided a search option to make it more easy for the user to find their desired android app.

More than that 9apps search bar comes with additional filter feature that saves the user from the hassle of finding any specific app. The user can use filters to search a particular app from a certain category like we can say a user is interested in entertainment apps only then setting the search filter to entertainment will do the trick. It is quite a handy feature if a user doesn't know the exact app to install.

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