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Mark the numbers on your cards

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Bingo game description

Bingo is a game depending upon the chances. The game is widely played various parts of the world. In this game, the player matches the numbers announced pre-printed on a piece of paper or card. The numbers written on the card has different combinations and arrangement on a table of 5x5.

The player is having a row of numbers getting called out he can strike those number in a visible manner. The player then calls out Bingo! So that the other participants get alerted about the winning card. The host of the game then comes and examines the card of the person to verify that the numbers stroked out are all called. The person gets a winning price or jackpot when completing the whole card.

Variations in Bingo Game

In total there are four versions of playing Bingo online and offline. They are as follows:

Speed Bingo or Mini Bingo: Mini Bingo involves only 30 numbers. This is played on a card displaying 9 numbered 3x3 cards. This is most favorite for online as the there are more winners.

90-Ball: This is played on a 9x3 card having 9 columns and 3 rows. There are total 15 numbers on each card, and the remaining are blank free spaces. The first column has numbers from 1-9 to the last column having 80-90.

75-Ball: This has a free space in the center square. It is played on 5x5 cards. A total of 15 numbers is assigned to each of the words of Bingo.

80-Ball: This is played on a 4x4 card which has a display of 16 numbers. Diagonal, Horizontal, two lines and vertical patterns or a full house can win jackpots. These versions are not always online but are through bingo networks.

Features of playing Bingo Online

You can sign up for free and play easily. You can also download software for instant and real play.

There are a variety of themed rooms with rich graphics on the online bingo games versions with everyday bonuses.

You can get promotion rewards, matching bonuses, first time bonus and daily free cash. You can access the Bingo chat with which you can make friends and call them to play Bingo with you.

You can get all the versions of Bingo available and Bingo variations.

You can get some additional benefits like power-ups when you increase your level to increase your chance of winning Bingo.

Bingo Screenshots

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