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City Racing 3D

5.9.5082 for Android

by: 3DGames

Enjoy Superb Fast Car Racing In Playing The City Racing 3d Game

  • Size 55.8MB
  • Version 5.9.5082
  • Package com.racergame.cityracing3d
  • Developer 3DGames
  • Requirment arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a
  • Category Racing
  • Added 2024-03-18

City Racing 3D game description

Online games can de-stress you while you are just pissed off with your work load of everyday life. if you are one of those who love to play fastest driving game then City Racing 3D game is just designed for you like people. The game is a fully driving game. In the game, you can drive around various cities through urban tracks. You can drive your car from US to Japan and to UK to Egypt with your fastest driving car.

While you play the City Racing 3D game, you will not only enjoy fastest driving but also feel the excitement of riding fastest cars on different tracks. You can drive the car on various tracks in various cities like Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Paris and many more cities. You can boost energy and earn points when you cross level after levels in the game. The points you will earn in the game, helps you to upgrade the power of your game.

Best Features of the City Racing 3D Game

You can upgrade each part of your car, such as tires, engine, turbo, transmission, breaks and more with the help of points and cash that you earn in the game. Even you can customise the colour of your car with the points. There are different types of cars in the game. When you can win different races in the game, you will have the power to unlock cars. Let us put a glance at the features of the game in brief:

You can download the City Racing 3D game for free for your android mobile just in one click.

City Racing 3D is a 39MB racing game for Android devices.

The game is designed with three dimension, graphic quality.

The sound quality of the game is just superb.

You can play the game in single mode or in multiplayer mode.

There are five racing mode in the game, Career, Elimination, Tournament, one VS one and Time-Trial.

City Racing 3D is built with WiFi Multiple player racing feature.

Players can control the cars easily.

The most interesting part of the game is that you can take part in world car racing and get the chance to compete with international car racing players online.

City Racing 3D Screenshots

City Racing 3D Screenshot 1City Racing 3D Screenshot 2City Racing 3D Screenshot 3City Racing 3D Screenshot 4City Racing 3D Screenshot 5City Racing 3D Screenshot 6City Racing 3D Screenshot 7City Racing 3D Screenshot 8City Racing 3D Screenshot 9City Racing 3D Screenshot 10City Racing 3D Screenshot 11City Racing 3D Screenshot 12City Racing 3D Screenshot 13City Racing 3D Screenshot 14City Racing 3D Screenshot 15City Racing 3D Screenshot 16City Racing 3D Screenshot 17City Racing 3D Screenshot 18City Racing 3D Screenshot 19City Racing 3D Screenshot 20City Racing 3D Screenshot 21City Racing 3D Screenshot 22City Racing 3D Screenshot 23City Racing 3D Screenshot 24