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Snake Game

4.1.1 for Android

by: Peaksel Games

Feel nostalgic and at this amazing classic retro game

  • Size 67.5MB
  • Version 4.1.1
  • Package com.snakegame.freesnakegames
  • Developer Peaksel Games
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Arcade
  • Added 2023-09-16

Snake Game game description

Snake game is a wonderful classic game. It is one of those game that makes you dive into the memories of bygone times and simple games. It is an addictive and a cool retro game. Give it a try and travel back in time to relive those amazing fun time.

It is a must have game for all fans of retro games. Download Snake game and kill time and boredom effortlessly for free.No classic game has ever been this fun. Download and add this cool game to your list of games that you have played recently. Retro games are in trend these days so never hesitate to join the fun.

Features of Snake game

1. The players can maneuver a snake that grows in length.

2. It allows you to play in 4 different worlds like Classic, Retro, Snake on Steroids, and Snake Master.

3. The players can play it in 3 ways like Tetris, swipe, or random.

4. Snake game has a unique option to rewind the game.

5. It has various boosters to help you progress as the game goes on.

6. Check on how long you will last before you eat your tail.

7. Play various challenges and test all the snake games within this game.

8. Score higher and join our hall of fame.

9. Snake game has amazing graphics and cool animation effects.

10. It is totally free to download and to play.

11. It has very simple controls and is easy to play.

12. It is suitable for kids, teens, men, women and even elderly people.

13. The players can pause and resume at any point of the game.

14. It gives a thrilling and an exciting gameplay.

15. The players can view leaderboards and unlock various cool achievements.

16. Snake game has amazing background music that can be muted at anytime.

17. Control your snake easily using the 4 arrows present at the bottom of the screen.

18. Earn coins to unlock more power-ups.

19. Use various power-ups and boosters to play the game more efficiently.

20. Make high scores and challenge your friend to beat your score.