Bengali Calendar (India) app apk download

Bengali Calendar (India)

3.4.03a for Android

by: Outscar

Stay Updated With The Traditional Festivals And Holidays

  • Size 17.0MB
  • Version 3.4.03a
  • Package com.appside.bongcal
  • Developer Outscar
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2023-11-25

Bengali Calendar (India) app description

Thanks to the technology that the world has been squeezed into your palm. You can know everything with the help of that tiny device in your hand. The Bengali Calendar or Bong Calendar is one of those applications that will help you to stay in touch with your homeland.The application is meant for the Bengalis and designed according to Bengali ethnicity’s rules and regulation. You can install this application from Appdodo, it is available there. This application is meant for android handsets only.

While discussing this application, we must be aware of all the features this app provides. The Bengalis follow two methods while designing a calendar. Some of the Panjika makers follow the old school, Surya Siddhanta, which is 1500 years old and others follow the second school, Bisudhha Siddhanta. The app includes both of the schools.When you install Bengali calender, it will ask for the location and time. After setting the time and location, you can add your reference for panjika. There are various apps available in the play store; you can choose one of them.

Features Of Bengali Calendar App:

Here are some of the most important features of the application:

1. You can find the daily panjika calendar of Bengal, 2017.

2. It covers all the festivals, celebrations, and observations during any of the months.

3. You can check your daily horoscope or rashifolo here.

4. The calendar is operated according to the Bengali panjika. It includes Nakshatra, Yoga, Vara, Karana, Tithi etc.

5. You can get information on the sun rise and the sun set, the moon rise, and the moon set, Masham, Paksham etc.

6. You can search for an auspicious date and time for any propitious occasion, as, marriage, business, property, travel, engagement, house warming occasion etc.

In a nutshell, the app includes each and every tiny information regarding Bengali ethenicity. After installing Bengali Calender app everything regarding calendar will be squeezed into your pocket.