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  • Added 2024-03-18

Google Maps app description

Google Maps is a product of the giant brand Google which provides this web mapping service. It serves with street maps, satellite imagery, 360° panoramic views of the street, real time traffic and route planning for traversing by car, bicycle, and public transport or by foot.

Initially, Google Maps was developed by Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen as a C++ desktop program in Where 2 Technologies, which was bought by the Google in 2004. In 2005, Google Maps was launched which uses JavaScript, XML and Ajax. It also offers an API which allows the maps to be set on the websites of third-party and also offers locator for city business and other important organizations throughout the world.

Features Of Google Maps

Set Google Maps Into Your Web Page
You can share your map on your website by simply attaching the HTML link in a same way you share the YouTube link. Google Maps you can also customize the complete size in your site as per the layout of your website. Like in a travel website, attaching the map is really thrilling fir your website users as they can know about the places you are visiting and also more about the place and its routes.

Share Exact Map Details
Google Maps has developed a feature of sharing with your family and friends. The dynamic links of maps will give the exact location of you along with other details of place including time. Click on the “link” in top right corner and the dynamic link will send this link to your friend as it contains all the additional information including the transit and route details and photo.

Change your Travel Route
Google Maps app has this initial feature of giving you the directions from one place to another but that used to give the shortest route. But now you can change your travel route through dots on the prescribed route. Drag the dot to the place via where you want to travel. It will shift effectually to serve as per your route choice.

View Geo-tagged Photos Along With Street View
For searching for a particular location, it is very beneficial for you to get s street view to know about the street you will be taking. Now it also offers you with the Geo-tagged photo of the location that is uploaded by some other person into the Google Maps. For this, Google Maps use the Panoramio, the photo sharing service. Since the photos are geo-tagged, the photos appear automatically whenever you search about that location. You can see the small thumbnail in the top right corner which automatically shows the best photo uploaded by any user along with other photos of the location.

Google Your Maps
The function of “My Maps” is a famous feature of Google Maps which permits you to create your own personalised maps with the exact location of your choice along with photos, route and other details, which can be shared with your friends and family. Later when you visit that place, you can take the help of your personalised map along with your near and dear ones’ suggestions.

Find the Best Restaurants, Movie Halls etc.
The database of Google Maps has been updating almost every day with new entrants of restaurants, movie halls, shopping malls and other places of interest. Google Maps also has a facility where you can give ratings to the venue and write reviews, which helps others and also you to know not only about the location but also about the restaurants or movie halls. Even if you can’t find the exact restaurants, Google Maps give you with the best options of restaurants, provided you search with the location name.

Offline Map Downloads
The updated version of Google Maps download doesn’t need constant supply of internet data for its operation. With Offline Maps, you can download all the data that Google Maps provides in your mobile and navigate further for further use. This will give you information about gas stations, parking lots, and other places.

See Traffic Patterns
Are you fed up due to the heavy traffic in your city? Then you should use the real-time feature of traffic in Google Maps which will give you the possible routes with traffic possible in that time. You can click on the “live traffic” and “typical traffic” which will show the traffic of the route chosen by you at that time. If it has heavy traffic, Google Maps also give you options with less traffic to reach your destination with less time.

Compatibility of Google Maps
Google Maps is compatible with almost all communication devices like computer, laptop, MacBook, smartphone, GPS, etc. In computer, Google Maps is available in different browsers like Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc. and operating systems like Mac OS 10.12.0 an up, Windows 7 and up, Chrome OS with an Intel CPU and Linus. For downloading Google Maps app from Google Store in your mobile, you need to have Android version of 4.1 and up. You can also download Google Maps in your iPhone and iPad but make sure you have a phone and tablet of iOS version 7 and the devices of iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2nd Generation and up and iPod Touch 5.

Why You Should Use Google Maps?

The Google Maps for android is the best navigation app that anyone can have and that is available in almost all the smart phones at present. Street View is easy to use which is opted by many users to explore new places including restaurants, movie halls, hospitals, etc. along with photos of the place. The app provided for the Android and iPhone users is quite easy to use with the amazing features along with the feature of zooming in and out. Due to its developed and smart features, Google Maps is known to give the exact detail and location of a particular place. Though Google Maps is pre-installed in Android smartphone, you have to install in your computer or laptop and it also take very less space and data to download.

Google Maps will give you the smooth experience in travelling whether it is your daily route to your office or you go for a tour. Google Maps never fail to amaze you, making it your favorite app.