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7.2.2 for Android


Deceive the GPS system with the Fly GPS app

  • Size 9.5MB
  • Version 7.2.2
  • Package
  • Developer SAMBOKING
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Travel & Local
  • Added 2024-03-18

Fly GPS app description

If you are looking for a high functioning GPS app, you inevitably need to opt for the Fly GPS app that Is getting rated one of the best apps in the category of GPS applications. In addition to assisting you in tracking the location, this app facilitates the Pokemon games. No wonder, the app has earned massive popularity among users across the globe.

Fly GPS is a unique app that tricks the GPS to conceive that you are in a location that you are not. Similarly, you can give your device the impression that you are in a state of motion, even if you are seated somewhere. It is for this reason that this app has attracted the attention of the mass that enjoys playing the Pokemon Go games.

Key features Fly GPS

Fly GPS app has been developed by SAMBOKING, and it requires devices compatible with Android 4.0.3 version and above. The current version 5.0.6 recently got an update and Joystick mode has been activated. This inclusion makes the app all the more user-friendly. Users can position the Joystick, simply dragging it around. In addition, users can make the joystick move at a distance from their preference.

Fly GPS features an option for amock location that slows the selection of the apps for mock location.

The latest version of the app features the developer mode. These features have impressed the mass, and as of date, more than 5 Million users across the globe have downloaded this Free, Android app.

It will be especially relevant that these users have not reviewed the app negatively and hence, you can definitely opt for it with trust and confidence.

Fly GPS comes with a search function that fetches you arrays of tutorials and helps to integrate the app with the Pokemon Go games. In addition, to assist the users in playing the Pokemon Go Games, this app enables the users to do arrays of interesting activities with their Android device, without the need to move from their present position. It is for this feature of the app that it can be utilized by developers for testing different apps.

Users can avail of this app in more than 14 international languages, in addition to English. The size of the app is 2. 23 MB that ensures that it will occupy the minimum space on the device. The part that has impressed the experts and the general users the most is that the app comes 100% secure and safe. This makes the users confident to use the app.

Why should you opt for Fly GPS?

Fly GPS will enable you to ensure your safety and security as it checks the tracking of your position. These days, unscrupulous parties keep on tracking the location of device users with malignant intentions, and in that regard, this app is the perfect tool to deceive those forces.

The app supports you in haunting the Pokemon and enhances your chances to find your favorite Pokemon Go character.

The app is extremely space friendly and hence, will not eat up the major part of the disk space, unlike the other applications.

Available in various international languages that support users with different language proficiency.

App developers can use the app for testing other applications.

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