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by: Quikr India Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Size 23.6MB
  • Version 11.87
  • Package com.quikr
  • Developer Quikr India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
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  • Added 2024-03-18

Quikr app description

Quikr, being one of the most recently recognized classifieds platforms has crossed all borders of consumers’ traffic, with its online traffic being 80% more stable and efficient than other portals; almost every individual has developed a habit of logging in to Quikr before hand, for selling or buying anything. Bluntly saying, this is just because of the ease and convenience it has provided to avail such minute services. Not only buying, but also selling and re-selling are some of the ever growing forms of business which has been deeply relying on Quikr.

To begin with, Quikr can be rightly termed to be the most famous classifieds advertising company, with Indian roots. Established in 2008, the portal itself has registered a recurring number of users year on year, providing satisfactory services through listings in over 900 Indian cities dealing in mobile phones, household goods, cars, real estate, jobs and even services and education.

It should be noted that initially, being a newer concept, a large chunk of this present customer base which Quikr has, refused to indulge in such a proposition of buying and selling of domestic and commercial goods online. The application and the portal together were promoted through Google Ads and other ways of online advertising. Within the next 2 years of inception, the portal registered a jaw-dropping 9 Million ad postings, which paved the way for Quikr to be advertised in other commercial media.

Features of Quikr on a whole are –

Larger Customer Base –
Being one of the oldest in the online classifieds advertisement platform, Quikr enjoys a default majority of a large customer base than its other competitors. This makes it a diversified and deep ranged portal. Also, it is to be noted that Quikr has always maintained the feature of transparency amongst its users viz. the buyers and the sellers. This transparency has provided a calculated boost to the advertising portal, in a way, Quikr that the buyers get a deeper knowledge of the products which they purchase with the sellers providing the best of information about any article, posted.

Price Assessment –
The portal has a feature of MSP(Maximum Selling Price), which through its well knit back end team, allows the seller of a product to assess the maximum selling price of the latter. The price assessment, is done on the depreciating/appreciating value of a product based on recurring time periods. This in-turn, gives an idea to the seller about the feasible pricing which he/she could expect from a prospect buyer. This concept also acts a bench-marking of sorts which in-turn aims at standardization in prices of products with similar features and age of Quikr.

Missed Call Services –
Quikr short and crisp but one of the effective features of the portal is the ‘Missed Call Service’ for non-internet users. This evidently allows, such users to post an ad basis upon a missed call to the Quikr call-centers, followed by the executives calling back and securing knowledge of the same product, which is further necessary to list the product.

Free of Cost –
Quikr based on one of the most virtual forms of media, accessing the facilities of the portal is free. This requires an internet connection and a device to post relevant information about a specific product. This clearly wards off the cost of brokerage or agency costs, which are otherwise incurred by a seller in selling products through agents.

Wide Span of Product Categories –
The Quikr portal’s technical team is completely dedicated towards constant innovations, to serve the deeper needs of the relevant customers. It has launched two other services namely the QucikrHome and the QuikrCar, which aims at providing necessary support to relevant buyers and sellers for real estate and cars respectively. Maximizing the scope of consumer services, the portal with these two inclusions have brought in a much more advanced and fool-proof system to list dedicated and specific classified advertisement among the relevant products.

Transparency amongst Buyers and Sellers –
With the recent addition of the QuikrNxt services, the portal has bought in much more clarity amongst buyer and seller interactions. The QuikrNxt is an online messenger embedded within the application/portal which enhances buyer and seller communications, decreasing any chances of ambiguity among the two and even enhancing further scope of successful deals.It should be noted that the concept of e-commerce shall grow in leaps and bounds in the near future and this is why exactly should a person rely on Quikr. For the very fact of online transactions occupying our lives, the concept of listing or hoarding an article for selling online is the next step of convenience. And why not, the relevant support services provided by Quikr being free, the cost of additional brokerages and agency charges are completely abolished. This is one of the most effective features which in the future will make Quikr an Indian classifieds giant.