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Subway Surfers

3.26.2 for Android

by: SYBO Games

Skate at full speed and escape the police only with Subway Surfers

  • Size 133.3MB
  • Version 3.26.2
  • Package com.kiloo.subwaysurf
  • Developer SYBO Games
  • Requirment universal
  • Category Arcade
  • Added 2024-03-18

Subway Surfers game description

Subway Surfers is being an endless runner mobile game which is developed by the joint venture of SYBO Games as well as Kiloo. Subway Surfers can be availed on Windows Photo, Android, Kindle and iOS platforms. Players of the game have conferred the role of teenage hooligans who run down the tracks for escaping the inspector as well as his dog after being caught during application of graffiti to the metro railway site. As long as the hooligans keep running, they will be grabbing gold coins out of the air while dodging collisions simultaneously with railway cars ad well as other objects, jumping on top of the trains for evading capture. Special events like Weekly Hunt will be resulting in in-game rewards. The Subway Surfers game was released in the year of 2012 with several updates which are based on seasonal holidays. Updates are based on World Tour theme that update the game settings in every three weeks.

Features of Subway Surfers

The game comes with several features which are mentioned below:

Power-ups is one of the worth mentioning features of this game. The Subway Surfers game comprises of a number of power-ups for enhancing gameplay. Spray can jetpack assist the players for flying above the track and collecting coins continuously for fewer seconds.

Super Sneakers
Super Sneakers let the player to jump higher as well as further which is beneficial to dodge obstacles such as buffer stops and trains.

Coin magnets
Coin magnets help the coin in the course to move towards the player.

Score doublers
Score doublers assist in doubling the score multiplier of the player that results in a higher score overall.

Hoverboards renders protection to the player from crashing by clearing the scene in case there is a collision. It lasts for a duration of 30 seconds.

Score boosters
They are activated at the starting of the Subway Surfers game, enhance the score multiplier of a player by 5 across the game.

Head Starts
They are also activated at the starting of the Subway Surfers game, let the player begin the game at higher initial speed with the aid of spray can jetpacks.

Jake happen to be the default Subway Surfers character as well as the mascot of Killo who makes an appearance in game icons. It is a prerequisite to unlock all other characters which can be accomplished in one of the two different ways. Some of the characters are unlocked with the collection of character attributes throughout the game. An attribute may be regarded as the article of clothing. Other characters can be availed by spending coins throughout the game. The Inspector along with the Dog chase the characters of Subway Surfers . As they are the similar character always, there is a change in his uniform in accordance with the location. During New Orleans edition, Frankenstein replaced the Inspector with skeleton dog. During second London, Winter Holiday editions and the North Pole, he came dressed as Santa Claus. He came dressed as Easter Bunny during second Rome edition as well as third party edition. He was dressed as the Knight during Prague edition.

Premium power-ups happen to be those which can be attained after the payment of real money. There is one of them only in Subway Surfers.

This is considered to be fun power up whereas the characters make use of spray cans as a jetpack. They ascend on top of the tracks and are capable of avoiding all obstacles, skipping ahead essentially while earning points. Subway Surfers is possible to upgrade jetpack in the shop that enhances from 500 coins to the upward direction and is dependent on what phase the jetpack is there. The upgrade enhances depending on for how long the jetpack power up lasts.

How to play the Subway Surfers game?

Subway Surfers contributes to being one of the classic infinite racing game. Here is a list of the tricks and strategies which will be useful while playing the game:

Go for collecting as many coins as possible
Though the score helps in beating friends, it is essential that you should be picking as many coins as possible Subway Surfers gives this. In lieu of selecting the easy way, you should go for the one that assist in getting more money. For instance, in case you go down the middle lane as well as move to sides at a faster rate, you will procure more coins.

Ensure to collect powerups
Coins are certainly important, However, in case you are approaching a power up, you should be taking a detour and picking up the same. Subway Surfers will come with amazing benefits such as boots which will be useful in making your jump higher as well as run faster, a magnet which can be used for alluring all the coin in the path. Though you need to sacrifice some of the coins, it is certainly worth as soon as you will activate one of the powerups.

Purchase boards
There are various ways that will assist to win the Subway Surfers game. Above all these, you need to invest the coins in hoverboard. The hoverboard will confer 30 seconds of immunity which indicate that you are not going to die in case you get hit by an obstacle.You should try to have a board in the inventory and activate the same as soon as you view the level is becoming complex.

Invest in upgrades
Another thing for which you should be spending coins on is known to be the upgrades. They aid in the improvement of powerups. The ROI is immediate almost. The longer you will keep power activated the easier it will be for you to collect coins in Subway Surfers .