Clean Master app apk download

Clean Master

7.4.9 for Android

by: Cheetah Mobile

Keep Your Phones In Great Shape! Use The Clean Master App!

  • Size 51.8MB
  • Version 7.4.9
  • Package com.cleanmaster.mguard
  • Developer Cheetah Mobile
  • Requirment Android 4.3+
  • Category Tools
  • Added 2024-03-18

Clean Master app description

Clean Master is an Android app to keep your device away from junk and spam content. Its a must have app as the smartphones are necessity nowadays. Everybody needs one. These are costly as well. Of course they will be with so many features in it. But then again this is absolutely why these may experience a break down.

This is absolutely why they must also have an application that will help them be perfect and long lasting. Because if not maintained they may break down very soon and that means a lost of lot of things.

People will lose their expended money. They will even lose on the various important files. It is absolutely why Clean Master should be used. This is an application that helps people maintain their smartphones and keeps them in the most perfect condition internally of course.

Clean Master is easily available in the app store and people can absolutely download this application very easily. This application though has a lot of interesting features.

Features of Clean Master:

Following are various features of Clean Master that people must know about:

One in all application:
This is absolutely what this application is. Tis application in itself is responsible for various important functions that will keep the phone in the good health of course. It is exactly why people must try and download this application no wonder.

Great user friendly nature:
Using this application by no means is difficult. People can of course use this application very easily without any problem. All the options represent what they want to do of course.

Very less space taken:
This Clean Master application is not much spacious. It takes an extremely small amount of space on the disk. Despite doing so many things and having so many functions, it doesn’t take much space at all.

Very organized:
This Clean Master application is of course much organized by nature. With this application, people can definitely get through with great results of course. They do not need to look or search for anything at all. Everything will be easily available in front of them.

Auto update:
People cab always see the changes in this app within not much time. It keeps on updating and upgrading and without any doubt offers better protection to the phone. This is absolutely one feature of this Clean Master application that stands out from the rest of its kind.

Why should one use the Clean Master?

The Clean Master is no doubt an application that provides people with the following advantages:

Offers to get rid of viruses:
This is definitely one very important thing. People can of course use various sites and Clean Master applications from their phones. Some of these they actually import the worst possible viruses from the various sites. This is actually what will lead to the danger of the phone and the various important details in it. With this anti-virus people can definitely get rid of the viruses in not much time.

Boosts the phones:
This Clean Master application helps people boost the phone. It is an absolute advantage that people gets from this app. Of course this increases the battery life of the phone and also ensures of one important things. That is the phone life increases in the process.

Battery saving facilities:
This is one thing that people must use no matter what. This service helps people get an immediate relief from the overloading of battery of course. This is absolutely why people must realize that they should be using this Clean Master application.

Remove your junk files:
A lot many time when we use our phones, we do not realize that there are many junk files that may have taken up the space. This makes the phone really very slow. This is apparently why, people must make sure that they are using this Clean Master application. It helps remove the junk files very easily.

Cooling down the phone:
Many a times the phone may get heated up due to the running files and this is exactly why the phone gets heated up. It becomes necessary for the people to cool down the phone. It is exactly why they can use the Clean Master application to cool their phone down.

Privacy protection:
This also helps protect the internet privacy. They can also guarantee protection.

How to use Clean Master?

Using this Clean Master application is really very easy. People can follow the following steps for the various purposes:

To clean the junk files:
People have to open the Clean Master application and choose the “Junk Files” option. Then they have to wait for it to detect the junk files. Once the amount is detected, then they should click on the “Clean” option to clean the junk files.

To get rid of virus:

People have to open the Clean Master application and choose the “Anti-Virus” option. Then they have to wait for it to detect the virus. Once the amount is detected, then they should click on the “Clean/Remove” option to clean the virus files.

They can follow the above steps and do the rest as well.