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8.108.0 build 2 50642 for Android

by: Netflix, Inc.

You Get the dinner, I’ll Get the Movie at Netflix

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  • Version 8.108.0 build 2 50642
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  • Developer Netflix, Inc.
  • Requirment Android 7.0+
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  • Added 2024-03-26

Netflix app description

Netflix contributes to being an online television as well as video streaming service which can be availed in any country across the globe. In the country of United Kingdom, users can use this application at absolutely free of cost for the first month. However, Netflix will charge an amount of £5.99 on a monthly basis.

Features of Netflix

Here are some of the top features of Netflix:

No commercials
The fact is that no one is fond of watching commercials. Also, in the present days, there are actually no reasons for watching them. In case you have a DVR, you will be fast forwarding via them. As you are watching Netflix, you do not even need to touch the remote. It is possible entire episodes of different shows and movie without any commercial break.

Binge watching
No likes a television show ending an episode with the aid of cliff hanger. It is certainly a torture as you require waiting for an entire week to find out what is going to happen next. However, the case is not same with Netflix. It is possible to sit down and plow via a whole series or season, and you do not even need to move from your seat.

Huge selection
If you feel that you do not have anything to watch, the perception is going to change with the aid of Netflix. Netflix lets you watch thousands of movies as well as TV episodes which are available at your fingertips. It does not matter what your tastes are; you are sure to find abundant shows and movies, you are sure to fall in love with.

Watch anywhere
The users of Netflix is not limited to television only. With the aid of Netflix account, it is possible to stream videos with the aid of gaming systems, computers, tablets, smartphones, Blu-ray players, streaming systems, to name a few. As long as you possess an internet connection, Netflix is sure to entertain you irrespective of where you go.

No commitments
No user wants to go for signing contracts. Thus, with Netflix, you do not require signing any contracts. You just require signing up and paying the subscription fees as long as you are willing to continue. It is possible to cancel anytime without any penalties of fees.

Why one should use Netflix?

Here are the top reasons people go to Netflix:

The customers of Netflix can stream a wide number of documentaries, films as well as television programs from a huge catalog.

The content can be streamed across the web. Hence, customers do not require waiting for the arrival of DVDs via post or downloading the same totally prior to watching.

The exact list of content is different from one country to the other.

Netflix is one of the popular apps that started life in the country of United states as DVD ordering service.

In addition to conferring niche and well-renowned film content and television, Netflix in the year of 2011 started commissioning and creating original programming of their own.

Netflix Screenshots

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