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Viber for Android

by: Viber Media S.à r.l.

Answer All Calls Through Viber Application

  • Size 181.6MB
  • Version
  • Package com.viber.voip
  • Developer Viber Media S.à r.l.
  • Requirment Android 5.0+
  • Category Communication
  • Added 2024-03-26

Viber app description

Viber is one of a kind cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP application being developed by Viber Media. In addition to the instant messaging users can even exchange video files, images and audio messages by sending files over the internet. This made communication within friends and family cheaper and more convenient. Even calls to users who do not use Viber can be done using the Viber Out application, at no extra cost.

The usage of the Viber application is initiated by downloading the same from the various OS platforms, the same being compatible with most of the mobile and computer operating systems. It should be clearly noted that inter-country calls are even possible among two Viber users at no cost.

A competitive revolution though, Viber allows its users around the world to connect with each other, helping them send good vibes all along their conversations. In the recent past the Viber application had registered over 800 Million users worldwide. Viber gives the opportunity to users to connect in the way that is best suited for them through one-one messaging, video calls and even group chats etc.

Features of the Viber application

Cheap Being based on the cheapest mode of communication i.e. the internet, the usage of Viber brings in no extra cost. Viber has to be downloaded and a user is ready to communicate with other users seamlessly. Being a form of informal communication platform the use of the application does not restrict the flow of any media file.

Lesser Storage Space Viber to start off with requires a minimum amount of storage or running space in the mobile or computer, which further does not disturb the working of the other systems on a whole.

Instant IntegrationViber is so designed that on installing the same, the databases in-built in it automatically integrates with the contacts of the phones or other devices, reducing the time of manual integration and update. This allows users to identify other active users from their own contact list easing out the flow of communication.

Viber Out Being one of the first applications to have the feature of cross-platform communications, the Viber app can even connect a person without the app to a relevant user who has the application installed. Hence, there is no theory of mandate.

End To End Encryption This can be rightly said to be a system wherein the past messages are locked for access by encryption keys. Hence for intruders to gain access of such media files and communications is an impossible task.

Automatic Update Viber application is so build that the databases linked with it do not fall stale due to the very fact that they automatically update to the latest version ensuring safety of the users and hindering the malfunctioning of the application.

Why use Viber app for calling?

It is to be clearly noted that the Viber application with all the features is a true savior from huge phone bills. Viber is so designed that it can send over several forms of media files through the connection of the internet incurring practically no cost. Relevant users should welcome the application keeping in mind the ease of use, as the interface which the application uses is very much user friendly and interactive. Also, for the users cost of international calls gets completely nullified as viber is Voice Over enabled and only uses the internet.

Out of the several other cross platform applications available the use of Viber is highly recommended as the same was developed by a company which never considers on personal security and this gives Viber the extra edge amongst the other relevant applications.

Viber Screenshots

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