Temple Run app apk download

Temple Run

1.25.1 for Android

by: Imangi Studios

Run for your life and pick up treasure as you go

  • Size 61.8MB
  • Version 1.25.1
  • Package com.imangi.templerun
  • Developer Imangi Studios
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Arcade
  • Added 2024-03-18

Temple Run game description

Temple run is for a very long time entertaining gamers whenever possible. The game is totally free of charge making it possible for everyone to experience the true bliss of gaming. The game is packed with features making it unique from all others.

Gaming is the ultimate source of recreation one can get from any android devices. To this day the games have totally taken a huge turn as compared to before. There are a ton of games available in Appdodo from which users can choose games which best fit them. Out of this one of the most favorite games of many is the Temple Run. The game is highly rated and known for its excellent gameplay involving gamers hooked to their screens for a very long time. With the introduction of temple run people started to appreciate all other games available in the play store.

Features of Temple Run

One of the main reason for temple run being a hit is because of its excellent gameplay. The gameplay ensures that players are totally enjoying every move they make. The surroundings shown in the game are good giving the players a taste of the real world.

Available for free:Where a lot of the games can only be downloaded after paying certain amount temple run comes totally free. The game does have additional charges for gamers once playing which is not necessary. Gamers can play and earn points to collect powers and new figures for running.

Choose your favorite figures:The game has a unique feature making it quite popular among all age streams. This game gives the freedom to players to choose their own figures. To add up with more points in later stages players can choose celebrity figures like Usain Bolt, Bruce Lee and many more. With introduction of these cool celebrity figures the liking for the game has increased a lot.

Sequel:The game provides a sequel named as Temple Run 2. The gameplay in the second part is maintained exactly the same keeping the original touch. This sequel introduction gave the game more boost making it popular and also is ranked one of the best games in the android Appdodo.com.

How to play Temple Run?

The game is quite simple to play. The player can control the runner through gesture or touch. The game is about hunting for treasures in varied locations like hills, forests, mountains and many more. Players can choose their favorite figures to play with from the given choice. There is also Usain Bolt the fastest runner whom the player can choose after crossing certain stages making the game even more interesting. The player has to ensure to dodge all obstacles coming their way by jumping or sliding below them. The players on the run collects treasures placed at several places on the road. There are a lot of stages to be crossed which will ensure the player is busy for a very long time.

On collection of points on the way the player is awarded powers where all obstacles can be crossed directly making it easy to reach the final destination. With increasing stages, the game becomes more interesting as it gets harder and harder. The pace of the runner also keeps increasing making it difficult for the player to dodge obstacles. Players have to be very careful while running as sometimes both the sides have huge falls. If by any change the player falls form the track, then he is eliminated and can continue with the next life. Players can also buy life by paying through the application. The game over all is a total winner.